How to clean rugs made from cowhides

How to clean rugs made from cowhides
July 27, 2019 Justin Jersey
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Cowhide rugs area very popular accessory of home décor as the natural looking can give your home an elegant and sophisticated look.  If you are looking to bring a natural or organic feel to your home décor, then cowhides can be the answer to your question. Such kind of rugs provides numerous benefits as they are easy to maintain, durable, stain resistant, hypo-allergic, and classy.

Such rugs easily become the centerpiece of your house because of its unique color, shape, size, pattern, and appealing natural beauty. The durability of such rugs allows you to use it in high traffic areas of your homes but just like any other material even such rugs needs proper maintenance to keep the beauty intact and increase its life.

Spills of tea, coffee, wine, food, etc. are widespread in every household and can cause stains on the rugs made from cowhides. There is no need to worry about it as there are methods which can help you to remove the stains successfully. Many people avoid buying such rugs because they think that maintaining and cleaning such rugs can be difficult, but the fact is that they are extremely easy to maintain when compared to synthetic rugs.

Few Methods Which Can Prove To Be Handy To Clean The Rugs Made From Cowhides And Keep Its Beauty Intact.


If you have kept the rug in a high traffic area, it will surely pick up dirt and dust easily. You can include vacuuming in your regular cleaning routing as it is incredibly safe. If you to clean it on regular intervals, it will restrict the dirt from building up.  While cleaning your rug use it in the direction of the hair as it will prevent damages and increase its life span. You can use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner as it can go deep and remove the debris which is stuck in the hair. The use of brush attachments also makes the hair fluffy and soft. If you are using a powerful vacuum machine, you can take the rug outside and dust it off using a dust buster.

Shake off the rug

Vacuum may not always suck all the dirt and dust. Shaking the rug off outside your house can prove to be a good idea as it can get rid of loose particles which get stuck deep. Don’t beat the rug to break loose the dirt as it can damage your rug significantly.

Steam Cleaning

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This procedure is one of the most effective ways to clean your rug made from cowhides as it gives your rug deep cleaning and makes it look like new and fresh. Before cleaning it with a steaming machine, ensure that you vacuum the rug and get rid of the dust and dirt. Once you steam it simply leave the rug to dry which can take a few minutes.

Stain Removal

In case of a spill, ensure that you wipe off the liquid using a soft cloth or a tissue as the cowhides don’t absorb liquid quickly. If the stains are stubborn, try brushing it off with a brush with hard bristles. Ensure that you don’t use over the counter products like bleaches, carpet cleaner, brighteners, etc. as it can cause permanent stains on your rug. You can use eucalyptus oil in a l minimum quantity by applying it on the stain and rubbing it with a soft and clean cloth.

Cleaning the rugs made from cowhides is extremely easy, and you can also seek help from professional cleaners a couple of times in a year to maintain its elegant look.

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