How to Choose Safe and Efficient Welding Fume Extractor?

How to Choose Safe and Efficient Welding Fume Extractor?
February 4, 2019 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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The welding fume extraction system should include a hierarchy of controls for managing fume and should be designed to keep the employees safe and comfortable. It should be specially designed for welding, drawing weld fumes away from the user’s breathing zone and should keep the facility clean. The company should offer different kinds of fume extractors to best fit the environment and the fume control needs.

The workers remain in daily contact with the harmful weld fume particulate in welding operations because weld fume is made up of 30 % to 80 % submicron – sized particles. Hence, it means that most of these harmful particles are respirable, that is, they enter the lungs, which makes it far more critical to have reliable, high-performance fume collectors, weld fume extractors and weld smoke filters that will collect all these dreadful fumes before it reaches to the welder’s breathing zone. Welders literally face a series of risks from dangerous substances and particulates which leads them to face illness or even early retirements.

Different types of welding methods give rise to different amounts of dangerous fumes which contains various concentrations of hazardous substances. Smaller the particles, more it becomes dangerous because it can be easily inhaled deeply by the lungs. The amount of welding fumes that gets formed totally depends on the type of welding and materials used.

The welding fume extractor should offer a full portfolio of portable, stationary, central, and custom engineered solutions that can control and mitigate welding fumes and cutting smoke within the production environment and the surroundings from common welding processes. The company should also provide with an application review, solution recommendation, and implementation, system designs, engineering and installation, product and system support, commissioning, diagnostic and service maintenance programs, upgrading some old system, meeting the clean air regulations and standards, and energy efficient solutions.

Advanced technology has also brought up with semi-automated and robotic welding applications which utilize precise machinery and electronic controls which help to perform welding and cutting operations so that it can be used and performed routinely by the welder. Hence, the welding fume extraction source is the most effective way to collect and remove fumes. Its advantage is that the work becomes flexible and the capture rate also becomes excellent. The extractor should be portable and easily positioned as welding works take place at different locations as well.

Welding, grinding, polishing, and similar applications produce integrated extraction of fumes, dust, and other particles. The solution should be versatile and not only suitable for fixed places. Welding fumes not only affects the health but also the environment. Not only the welders are at risk but also it is unsafe for the environment.

A Welding Fume Extractor Has Many Benefits and Advantages Such As: –

  • It helps to improve the environment and the workplace environment.
  • It helps to protect the health conditions of the workers in the industry
  • Most importantly, it helps to protect the equipment and the processes.
  • Simultaneously it reduces the production disturbances and helps to enhance profit.

The company should offer everything from single welding fume extractor to a complete welding fume extraction system. Many companies carry out with the study and planning for the welding and metal fabrication in the industry. They most willingly provide with suggestions and specifications and provide with specific layout alternatives and solutions which also includes pocket-friendly costings. Installation work and commissioning are also parts of the company’s services. Their main aim should be to capture the welding fumes as close to the source as possible.

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