How Marketers Can Come Up with a Personalized Mobile Marketing Strategy

How Marketers Can Come Up with a Personalized Mobile Marketing Strategy
March 6, 2017 Saher Naseem

In this day and age of digital world where mobile users expect a more personalized and curated experience, your mobile marketing must be customized in order to effectively engage them. Businesses can personalize their mobile app marketing strategy by collecting the information provided by uses over mobile. Nearly every smartphone user checks their phones hundreds of time a day, and the information generated from these interaction (what users do, what they like, what they prefer) serve as a treasure for online marketers.

Now it’s high time to harness the real power of this data and become the preferred brand for consumers. Since a lot of data is generated on the web and across mobile devices, it is important for businesses to utilize this data smartly in order to get the most out of it.

There are different tools such as KISSmetrics help you translate data into meaningful insights about users. You can come up with a personalized marketing strategy only when you have a clear understanding of your users across different channels.

For this, you need to think about what type of data you need to gather in order to personalize your mobile marketing efforts. And when you will be able to collect users’ data, you will start using people as real users rather than just numbers.

Online marketers need to ask specific questions to their users in order to send them customized mobile messages. Here are a few things that you should know about your users to personalize your mobile marketing strategy and get the desired results.

Determining Users’ Attributes

You need to know who your users are. This data is simply straightforward and can easily be collected when users initially sign up for your services. Their name, age, location, gender, and the device they are currently using are a few questions that you can ask in order to know your users on a personal level.

Think about buyer personas you want to actually target with your custom mobile messages. What are their demographics, their personalities? Create these profiles and specific segments that correspond to this particular user group. This way, you will be able to understand their intentions prior to start sending them custom messages or notifications.

Let’s take an example of a major clothing brand that target demographic for summers. The brand might be interested in creating a specific segment for female audience. To engage with this specific demographic, send a personalized push notification or an in-app messages that is tailormade for this targeted group of users.

Know About Users Behavior

To create more user engagement, it is important to collect data that explain what your users actually prefer to do? Track the flow of their actions to carefully understand they are most excited about and which features they don’t like at all. This information is important for creating user onboarding messages, so you can customize messages for new users if they are unaware of some key features.

It is also important to track the time at which they are actively using your app so that you can get the idea when to communicate with the users in order to effectively engage them.

Knowing how and when your users interact with your brand is important to send customized messages. You can tailor specific messages for new users, engaged users and dormant users.

This segmentation can help you divide your users based on their real-time interaction level with your business app. When you will be able to determine these important behaviors, i.e. when your users are active and when they are about to drop off, you can dramatically reduce the churn rate.

Creating a sense of urgency is another important trick to engage uses with your brand. You can send a push notification informing your users about a limited discount offer or a holiday sale, or a last-minute deal. This way you can drive more conversions and engagement.

Figure Out What Your Users Prefer

When you understand your users’ behavior, you will be able to learn their preferences. Discover, what are their favorite features or products that they prefer to use over and over. What type of content they love most? What are the items they have added to their cart last time? These are key signals of user preferences that can greatly help marketers to personalize their mobile app marketing strategy.

In addition, you can take maximum benefits of users’ behavior and preferences with curated mobile marketing approach. Let’s talk about Netflix here; It has been doing an amazing job by sending customized push notifications. They use data on what their users have recently viewed and then send them push notifications. This strategic approach motivates mobile users to watch a recently added show on Netflix.

User preferences are useful, but they even more powerful when combined with the data that explain about your users’ behaviors and attributes. It will greatly help you encourage mobile app users to convert by personally engaged with your messages.


To stay ahead of the game in this fierce mobile app industry, it is crucial for every business to not only build a mobile app but also get your mobile app marketing efforts perfect with customized push notifications and in-app messages. Millennials expect more curated, personalized and relevant communications, therefore it’s high time for brands to hire mobile app developers to meet your users’ expectations and delight your mobile app users.

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