How Donating Unused Ink Cartridges Can be Beneficial

How Donating Unused Ink Cartridges Can be Beneficial
June 12, 2019 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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Donating Unused Ink Cartridges

There are a lot of promotions these days in conventional as well as social media regarding awareness on ink cartridges. They also help in understanding many aspects related to them and how one can donate unused ink cartridges so that resources can be saved, and more people can get benefited through them. Usually, people do not tend to understand how these cartridges can be a threat to us while the reality is that manufacturing more of them can be quite detrimental for our planet. Hence, it is in the best interest of everyone to use them as per need and reduce their wastage so that the best utility can be derived from them without abusing the environment. We look here at some aspects that can be helpful while dealing with them.

  • Carbon Footprint Can Be Reversed – When we donate unused ink cartridges, somehow, we help to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet which is so much needed today. A lot of talk goes each day on how our environment can be saved and as a responsible citizen, it is the duty of everyone to contribute to the need. Many firms and organizations accept these cartridges so that they can help in planting a tree against a cartridge and that can make a massive difference. Measures like this can be helpful for everyone in the long run.
  • Many Organizations Barter Them – When people donate unused ink cartridges, there are some organizations that can be more than happy to get them. They can even make arrangements to collect the same from a place! There are some others that also accept printer ribbons as well as many other parts and consumables. Actually, all these organizations and non-profits barter this product or sell them so that some more important cause can be funded through it. Some non-profits like the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation cashes them and puts the money for saving babies lives who desperately need help. Hence, a donation can go a long way for any noble deed.
  • The Sell-By Dates Must Be Known Properly – A lot of times when a person wants to donate unused ink cartridges, he may not be in a position to do so in spite of the good intention. Most often than not, the sell by date of the product may have expired which essentially means that the ink inside the cartridge may not have been as good as it was at the beginning due to air and other impurities mixing in it while being kept idle. Therefore, it is very important to ensure and keep in mind the printed ‘sell by’ date of the cartridge. That can provide a fair idea to a buyer on whether it can be used within a period or not. If not, then it can be donated for some other constructive purpose.
  • There Are Many Companies That Run Campaigns – A lot of companies are there today which run individual campaigns and promote the idea among people to donate unused ink cartridges. One can have a look around and donate any unused cartridges to them. Many types of offers ranging from cash back to physical gifts can be received in lieu of the donation and that can come in handy for anyone.

When someone donates unused ink cartridges, either it can be used if it is within its expiry date or it can be reused after recycling. Anyway, it won’t be wasted and become a burden on the environment and that should be the aim of any concerned citizen so that it can be utilized in the best possible manner.

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