How Construction Managers Can Help Keep Their Team On-Task

How Construction Managers Can Help Keep Their Team On-Task
June 21, 2019 Meghan Belnap
In Business, Leadership

It’s easy to get distracted on the construction site. Unfortunately, distractions don’t just slow down the building process – they can get people hurt. If you’re a construction manager, it’s important that you look into ways to keep your team on-task. If you are struggling, you might want to consider using some of the methods below. 

Provide Breaks

You already know that your team can’t work all day without a break. Not only is it against the law, but it’s bad for your crew. As a manager, your job isn’t just to make sure that your team takes breaks – it’s to make sure that those breaks are paced out in a way that provides for maximum efficacy. Coming up with a good schedule that works with the flow of the job is the best way to ensure that your team gets enough downtime to come back to work refreshed and ready to go.

Coordinate with Radios

You already know that you can’t be two places at once, so keeping an eye on everyone is impossible. What you might need, then, is a way to keep in constant contact that doesn’t require your constant presence. If you take a trip down to your local Motorola construction radio supplier, you can pick up two way radios that will allow you to check in on your team’s progress even when you’re on a different part of the job site. This will keep your team moving even if you’re not watching them directly. 

Meet Regularly

Some teams start to slack off because there’s a feeling that no one really knows what’s going on. A good way to remedy this is to have regular team meetings so that you can keep up with what’s actually happening on the site and so that your team knows that you are paying attention. It’s often good to start the day with a meeting that establishes what needs to be done and to end it with a meeting that confirms what was actually accomplished. These meetings don’t need to be long, but they should be taken seriously enough that they will keep your team on task.

Give Incentives

Finally, give your team a reason to keep working hard. Give a bonus to anyone who gets their part of the job done correctly and ahead of schedule, or to team members that manage to figure out ways to save money on the job. Make sure that the incentive is given for performance, though, and not just for speed. Your goal is to make your team focus on the job at hand, not how they can get to a bonus more quickly. 

Keeping your team on task largely means finding ways to make their workday more efficient. Set out what needs to be done, be realistic with the time-frames, and keep in contact to make sure that the job is really going as it should. If all that’s in place, most workers will be able to work diligently and get their jobs done properly.

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