Five Simple Ways To Win New Clients And Keep The Old Ones

Five Simple Ways To Win New Clients And Keep The Old Ones
January 23, 2017 Alex Chester

It’s no secret that gaining new clients and optimizing customer retention rates is a good way to obtain a jaw-dropping bottom line while also keeping your organization in a state of constant expansion.


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Yet what many corporate leaders don’t know is which strategies they need to deploy for the purpose of realizing these business-building outcomes. Below you will find just five of many strategies that you can use to win new clients and keep the old ones:

1. Don’t Let Your Leads Go Cold.

While many business leaders know that lead generation is an integral component of winning new clients, they oftentimes fail to contact new prospects immediately. Don’t commit this error. As noted in “6 Overlooked Ways to Win More New Clients,” leads do not have a long shelf life. This means that you have a limited period of time in which to start engaging prospects. There are many ways that you can prevent your leads from going cold, such as the use of CRM software that helps you organize new prospects and determine which ones you have not contacted. Training your sales team on how to use this software can help you take your conversion rates from average to awesome.

2. Gain Trust By Demonstrating Your Brand’s Value Immediately.

This strategy is geared towards winning over new clients. One great way to increase the likelihood that a new prospect will want to invest in your brand is by showing her or him the great value of your product or service line. There are many ways that you can accomplish this objective, and one of the simplest and most effective is by giving out free samples.

3. Build Your Brand’s Credibility With Positive Online Reviews.

Another great way to win new clients is by building your brand’s credibility. When people who use your products or services are constantly speaking positively about them, prospects are much more likely to invest in your brand. One great way to improve your brand’s credibility is with positive online reviews. As noted in Forbes, more and more people are reading and trusting online reviews. One survey found that 88% of people trust these reviews just as much as they would a personal recommendation. With this reality in mind, think about the value of asking your satisfied clients to write a positive online review in which they discuss how your product or service line has enhanced their life.

4. Encourage Loyalty.

Providing your old clients with incentives to remain loyal to your brand is a wonderful way to ensure that they do. As noted in Entrepreneur, there are several unique selling points you can use to increase the likelihood that people stay with your brand. An example would be providing them with compounding benefits. This strategy could work in numerous ways, such as you providing deeper and deeper discounts for each year that the client remains loyal to your brand. Once she or he reaches one year of loyalty to your product line, you might offer 10% off all purchases. At the second year mark, the discount would increase to 20%

5. Host A Corporate Event.

One final strategy you can use to win new clients and keep the old ones is hosting a corporate event. This technique is empowering because it provides you with the opportunity to interface with people in a more relaxed, casual manner. Also note that fine dining can put people in a great mood, thereby increasing the likelihood that they’ll be willing to learn more about your brand or commit to investing in it over and over again.
Start Building Your Business Right Now

If you’re ready to take your conversion rates to an all-time high, now is the time to tap into the power of converting new prospects and keeping the old ones happy. To ensure that you can, consider the value of implementing some or all of the business-building strategies outlined above!

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