Five of the Most Secure Business Practices 2015

Five of the Most Secure Business Practices 2015
February 5, 2015 Brooke Chaplan

Security is one of the most important concerns for businesses today. It prevents thieves from stealing information and property that is online or offline, or even in house. The problem is modern thieves are becoming smarter, which requires more secure business practices.
Let’s examine some of the secure practices businesses are employing in 2015 to keep themselves as safe as possible.

Five of the Most Secure Business Practices 2015
Network Partitioning
Digital theft accounts for a large amount of the losses most businesses see. One of the most effective ways to prevent it, is to partition networks in a way that certain machines cannot be accessed from the outside. This restricts information to local access, which in turn completely mitigates the threat of outside intruders in most circumstances. Make sure you also employ a basic firewall and computer security to keep your connection secure.

Door Lock Servicing
Locks are one of the last lines of defense against intruders. Which is why ensuring that they work properly will make it that much harder for thieves to get inside. Companies like Davies lock & door services Ltd can do this, and upgrade your locks when necessary. This can prevent locks from being forced or picked, which in turn makes your business that much more secure. This way you won’t have to go in for locksmith repair in Toronto as often.

Stronger Network Security
Another security practice more businesses are employing in 2015 concerns stronger network security. This means adding hardware firewalls with sophisticated software firewalls to allow for protection against everything from the common hacker, to the widespread distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Internet connections are the first way thieves will try to get you, so smart modern businesses are making this the first line of defense.

Smarter Employees
Teaching employees about security procedures and ensuring they employ them is another simple, but effective practice businesses are learning to use. It prevents employees from being the weakest link in the security chain, and that attacks that rely upon social engineering or finding employees in a vulnerable position cannot occur.

Security Lighting
The last practice businesses are employing today is one of the oldest but most effective. They’re lighting their doors and windows up at night time to make it harder for criminals to break in under the cover of darkness. When coupled with technology like security systems, lights can be one of the most effective deterrents to keep potential thieves from even trying to break in to your business.

Upgrading Your Security
The security practices businesses employ in 2015 are meant to combat the techniques criminals employ in an attempt to break in to a business. They combat both digital and physical attacks, while employing methods that both secure and deter future attacks.

By implementing some of these practices into your own business’s security plan, you can make your business secure and locked down from anyone you don’t want in your business.

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