Everything You Need to Know About Copier Rental

Everything You Need to Know About Copier Rental
September 10, 2019 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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The modern-day copiers are reliable multitasking office machines that can print, fax and also scan along with copying. These are the vital component of any office document management system. As the copiers are getting more and more advanced, the cost is also going up. This is the reason why more and more companies are nowadays taking copiers rental rather than purchasing. If your company is thinking about copier rental, then make sure you sign the lease with that company that offers the most favorable lease terms.

Know What the Benefits of Taking Copier Rentals Are:

  • Remain updated with technology:

It is known to all that copier technology is consistently enhancing, so by taking a copier rental will allow you to upgrade your machine to the newly released model during the rent period thereby making sure that your employee has access to the best of technology. When you take a copier on rent it offers you the freedom to change to higher-end machine.

  • No tied-up money and benefits on tax returns:

Taking copier on lease doesn’t require instant down payment, thereby freeing you from upfront costs. Leasing allows you to use your money on other uses and you can make some affordable monthly payment. Besides leasing and paying monthly lease payments are considered as business expenses during your company tax returns. These assists to offset the lease cost, thereby decreasing the total expense to your company.

  • Reliable leasing terms:

Copiers are quite expensive and collecting capital to buy the equipment can be difficult for small companies. So, rather than choosing to take a loan for buying a new copier, it’s better to take copier rental. As some of the leasing companies offer flexible terms along with easy approval requirements.

  • No requirement to pay for repairing cost:

When you choose copier rental, you will be free from all sorts of worry about repairing and servicing cost The leasing company will provide all necessary consumables that include paper, ink, toner etc. and whenever repairing is needed, you will receive it right away without much waiting time.

  • No requirement to arrange for disposal when you take copier on rent:

Most of the companies think that they will throw away the old copier, without thinking about various regulations involving safe disposal of IT equipment. This makes the whole process very expensive as well as time consuming. But on the other hand, when you choose to take copier on rental, the disposal tension goes to the rental company.

Now when you have known about the major benefits of copier rental, consider some factors that will ensure whether your business should lease or buy a copier?

Decision solely depends on your business requirements. Following points, you must check to make sure:

  • Check how many copies you are making each week along with the type of copy task your company performs.
  • Try to contact various leasing companies in your area to know the average price of the lease and in addition to that check, the leasing agreement to determine what are the additional features are included with that price.
  • Request for more information about all models available in lease. Check all the models to make a list of all top features that supports your office productivity.

Although these three steps are very simple, they can offer you with some important market research to know whether copier’s rental or buying is a good option for your company. After you are done with the average copy volume and list of top features of copier, you can easily compare all market prices along with lease quotes to munch the numbers.

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