Essential Rentals for Actualizing Your Corporate Event

Essential Rentals for Actualizing Your Corporate Event
March 12, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
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Setting up a corporate event is going to be a nerve-wracking and stressful process if you don’t plan ahead. At least a month or two out before your event takes place, you will need to find and rent any equipment that your company doesn’t own. Here is a quick look at a few essential rentals that are essential for anyone throwing a corporate event. 

Security Equipment 

When it comes to planning corporate events, safety should always be your primary concern. For larger events, you might want to consider hiring a security company. Many of those companies even carry their own event insurance to cover liabilities and risks. At the very least, you should consider renting fences or other barriers to prevent people from wandering in and out of the venue. A security fence company will typically handle the set-up and taking down of the temporary chain-link fencing that they provide, and they can work both for security purposes as well as to help define the borders of the event so guests don’t go into unreserved spaces.

Communication Devices 

Purchasing high-quality communication gear can be prohibitively expensive, and that is why many event coordinators rent that equipment. Keeping constant contact with security personnel and any staff that are working any part of the event is important for coordinating services so that everything happens on schedule. A local company that specializes in NYC two way radio installation will be able to set up your communication gear and make sure that it is running flawlessly well before the event takes place. You can even get a programmable command post radio so that your management team is in full control at all times. This is especially important for those running parts of the venue that require a lot of interaction with the guests, such as check-in stations and catering, as they may need to call in for extra help when things get particularly busy.

Chairs, Tables, and Other Basic Amenities 

No matter where your event is being held, you will most likely need to rent at least a few basic amenities. Most rental companies offer corporate event packages that include essential equipment such as chairs, tables, and tents. Depending on what time of year the event is going to be held, you might also need to rent space heaters or portable air conditioners. Those devices will keep your guests comfortable while they enjoy the festivities and are essential if you want your guests to stay long.

Cooking and Food Service Supplies 

Even if your event is only going to last for an hour or two, your guests are still going to need refreshments and snacks. As a general rule, you should provide a full meal to your guests if the event is being held at night or going to last for more than two hours. For shorter events, you can rely on lighter snacks and refreshments. Most catering companies are going to bring their own cooking gear, but they might ask you to rent or buy eating utensils. Be sure to verify exactly what a catering service is going to provide in terms of utensils and serving staff before you book them for an event to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need.

If you plan on hosting more events in the future, then you should try to build up a relationship with all of the vendors that you work with. Chances are that you’ll be needing their services again, and it is much easier to coordinate an event when you already know who you’ll be renting from and what to expect from their services. By taking the time before your event to thoroughly research and find the best vendors, you’ll save yourself a lot of planning time for future events using the relationships that you build with them.

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