Do You Need the Help of a Real Estate Agent?

Do You Need the Help of a Real Estate Agent?
December 13, 2018 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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A vital consideration of every home seller is as to whether they need the assistance of real estate agents or can sell it on their own? Both has its respective pros and cons. The perk of selling it on your own is being capable of recouping much of the sale as here you will not have to pay commissions. On the contrary, it also has a drawback that is you will have to get familiar with each step and need to get involved in the process of selling the property.

Is an Agent Required as Per Law?

Though most people believe they require an agent for selling the home in the real sense, there is no law or need which mandates that you employ their services for selling your home. There are a few states though that needs you in consulting an agent for handling the paperwork which is related to the home sale’s closing.

Sell It on Your Own

If you plan to sell the home on your own, there is a process that you need to get engaged to call for sale via owner. It will be an excellent means to get the full sale price without paying any commission fee. Along the process, you will get an idea as to why agents charge commissions. Get ready to invest more effort, energy and time.

Most importantly you need to check the market within your area. If it is a market for the buyers, you will face difficulty in unloading the home yourself. It is because you will naturally be up against the agents whose job is in selling the homes. You, on the other hand, will require balancing your work and life against investing time for selling your home. Remember it is wise to sell a home on your own in case of a seller’s market.

The Legal Considerations

Should you plan to sell the home on your own properly knowing the laws of the state which govern, the real estate transfers is a must. Such laws will show the kinds of paperwork that you will require for preparing and also who will require signing what. There may be disclosure laws that are mandatory which you need to follow where your home’s physical characteristics need disclosure.

Consulting an Agent

Though you may not require an agent yet, there may be instances where you may need their help. Leading agents such as Covenant Properties LLC will help you in different tasks such as

  • Help you in determining the home market
  • Determine an ideal asking price
  • List the home on MLS
  • Help with complex transactions and paperwork

The bottom line is if you are not comfortable selling your home on your own it is always wise to hire an agent to do it on your behalf. Though they will charge a fee, it will save your effort and time in the future. They are experts in this task. So get in touch with them at the earliest.

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