Do You Know What A 3PL Company Is?

Do You Know What A 3PL Company Is?
February 14, 2018 Justin Jersey
Justin Jersey
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3PL Services

The 3PL or Third party logistics are very important part of product transportation, delivery, movement and accessibility. 3PL is the outsourcing of few or all of your supply chain and logistics operations to another company. Organizations invest in these Third-party logistics, so that they do not pressurize themselves with the load of delivery duty. Thus, with passing years the 3PL companies are growing very rapidly worldwide. The most common tasks given to the 3PL companies are transactional, operational and repetitive.

Do you want to hire such a service? Let see why you need them for expanding your market growth! As you can understand, that the 3PL services have a wide range of duties to perform. Statistics suggest that 67% of shippers outsource their duties. Through this way, the shipment or cargo companies can extend their business without any investment because they do not need to open several warehouse or store-house in separate locations and they do not need to recruit huge number of delivery boys and employees for their business extension. They can easily hire the 3PL services and they can reach any destination through these services.

3PL Services

3PL Services

What Are the Advantages Provided by 3PL Services?

  • 3PLs have much better negotiating power which can lead to many discounts and promotions which you get when you buy the products. These companies also provide you with free shipping on selected deliveries. Therefore many customers are satisfied with their deliveries and also outsourcing management.
  • These agencies give you a faster response and you can conduct fastest delivery process for your goods with these 3PL service.
  • These agencies allow you to focus on your business. You need not worry about deliveries, outsourcing etc. The 3PL companies also let you spread into new markets allowing you to get new customers and expertise. These companies can save your logistics cost and you do not need to spedn any additional cost for storage, delivery and shipments. These services will charge you a fixed price or they can also charge you a price based on your assignments.
  • 3PL agencies allow you to manage different orders and delivery duties according to the time of the year. They help you to lessen your load and work at ease. Outsourcing helps you to free up time and money by eliminating the needs for money and supply chain.
  • The experienced logistics partners help you to plan and strategize your market policy is my understanding your customers and clients in a much better way. Therefore many companies hire these logistics partners to expand their growth of market. The agencies offer you with tools and plans of marketing which is very much beneficial for your market growth.
  • Growths of mobile phones have allowed these Logistic partners have allowed them to create their own mobile applications for easy access to customers. So after giving your product to these delivery services, you can share a dedicated link with your customer and your customer can easily track their shipment through their mobile app.

The Effective and Emerging Logistics Services

Well there are a few things which you should be aware of before hiring 3PL companies to help your company grow!

  • There are increased chances of lack of collaboration because there are possibilities of lack of transparency between the major company and the Logistic Company.
  • There is a lack of infrastructure for logistic companies to perform effectively in many third world countries. Poor Road conditions, the poor infrastructure, lack of good connectivity and less effective transport system causes the 3PL companies to suffer major problems at times.

Since these 3PL companies collaborate with other organizations globally they have to regulate and adjust their services and duties as per the regulations of a particular countries and regions.

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