Creating The Right Pull Up Banner That Works

Creating The Right Pull Up Banner That Works
April 26, 2014 Lana Wilde

Pull up or roll up banners are used in a lot of places to put the message out there and attract more prospective clients. If you are not in to large bill boards, this is probably some of the largest advertising material that you are likely to use. There are a lot of reasons to use pull up banners; they are affordable, eye-catching and helps to convey your message or display your service or product. More over they are extremely portable, it retracts safely in to plastic cartridge and could be rolled up for display easily.

They could be used to display in trade shows, conference rooms, inside and outside stores, especially in places where a permanent sign can’t go. For instance if you run a café and want to inform your customers about monthly special offers or new items, you can use inexpensive temporary pull up banners to attracts more customers. Although they have been around for decades, pull up banners are increasingly seen in many venues in highly populous cities like Sydney. Even thought a lot of business owners are spending and concentrating more on marketing on the Internet and shelling out on SEO, offline marketing materials like roll up banners are still a powerful marketing tool and a brilliant way along with business cards, flyers, and door hangers.

Headline and layout

Unlike a web-page the contents of the whole pull up banner is visible to people. However, we are hard-wired to scan them from top to bottom since we have been trained for years from childhood. Therefore, the top of the banner should have an attractive headline to grab the attention of your audience. If you don’t want to add an headline, it is always good to add your logo to the top. The headline could be provocative to grab the attention, but make sure it is not obscene or offensive. Place the message on the middle of the banner and provide a kind of call to action following it. Even as simple as “call us now” or “walk up to our booth now” can do the trick.

Of course there are no rules or format to creating pull up banners. One good way to come up with a layout that will suit your purpose is to go on Google image search and search for pull up banners. You will notice that not all banners have the same kind of layout. Save the banners that you find attractive to your computer. The main goal of the banner is not to follow standards and rules, but to stand out. A marketing expert and graphic artist at a digital printing company will be able to help you out with creating the perfect roll ups. Just make sure that you choose your printing company that you can visit, and actually sit and talk with. If you live in Sydney, look for experts who have a good reputation for creating pull up banners in Sydney, like Print2Day.


Nice graphics will definitely get the attention of your target audience. Using a couple of large attractive images is better compared to using a lot of small images. It doesn’t necessarily have to look to showy. Your banner can also be simple. In fact your banner could also look ugly, but it should work. A prefect pull up banner is the one that works, irrespective of how it looks. Choosing the right colors for vinyl printing is very important. The general rule of the thumb is to choose contrasting colors. There are many online resources that can help you choose the right colors.

Professional help

A common misconception among people who think they can design their own banners is that they can create it using Adobe Photoshop. You need to realize that, printing on a digital display like LED monitors is completely different from printing on flex or similar material. To create a file that needs to be printed on a pull up banner, the file should be saved as vector which can be done using Adobe Illustrator. Although you might have an eye for design and know a thing or two about designing, it is better to leave to the experts to create banners that are professional and appealing. Find a reputed digital printing company near you.

The right size

Pull up banners come in a lot of different sizes. The most commonly used sizes are 850 mm (wide) x 2,000 mm (High). By determining the place you are planning to use the banner, you can determine the size. This might sound like the easiest to do, but it is not. If you planning to place your pull ups in a competitive trade event, determine the number of banners that will be present; how much place will be provided for you banner, where will it be placed, etc. Keep in mind, big is not always better.

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  1. Nauman Ahmad 1 year ago

    Sometimes, displaying just a single word like Welcome or Save or Discount on teardrop banners will create a better impact than what you will gain from a sentence or slogan. That’s why you need to emphasize more on creativity.

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