Company Crash Course: How to Make More Self Reliant Employees

Company Crash Course: How to Make More Self Reliant Employees
March 13, 2015 Brooke Chaplan

Although company policy and procedure manuals detail company expectations of their employees, there are other issues just as important for employees to understand. One of these issues is self-reliance. Demonstrating self-reliance can be part of a company crash course during new hire orientation programs provided by the company’s human resources or personnel departments. Study the variations in employees’ approaches to their responsibilities and duties in their jobs before compiling data for a program. Starting from the beginning, employees should know where they are free to explore and be more independent in their work.

Company Crash Course How to Make More Self Reliant Employees
Tips on How to Make More Self Reliant Employees
It’s understandable that new hires take a brief period to learn the ins and outs of their duties as employees. However, this period may be the most advantageous for managers to determine which employees will need a company crash course in being more independent. Review the basic job descriptions and determine which employees to make decisions or manage workflow with minimal supervision. All employees should take part in the company program if possible.

Create safety and security programs that require employee awareness, input, and interface with outside vendors who provide the company’s security system, alarms, automated doors in Newfoundland, and locks. According to Babb Security Systems, many of these vendors provide instructional programs for employees upon request. Employees should also be aware of any federal, state or municipal compliance regulations with regard to their workplace. They can also take part in many OSHA programs designed to assist employees with safety issues that may occur.

Assessing Independence in Employees
There is one word essential to know when building independent employees: Trust. When employees feel a certain level of trust has been given by management, they respond with a greater sense of self-assurance when making decisions. Management should be clear about the decisions employees are allowed to make without supervision. For many companies, this is simply a matter of providing a job description that details employee decision making. Provide examples during new employee orientation of the types of decisions the self-reliant employees are free to make.

Design a company crash course that outlines company objectives regarding self-reliance. The course should give employees ideas on specific expectations and goals. Invite outside company speakers to present employee programs and help them feel a part of something bigger.

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