Cloud Technology in Business and Industry: Changing the Scope of Modern Day Commerce

Cloud Technology in Business and Industry: Changing the Scope of Modern Day Commerce
October 28, 2015 Andre


It was only a few years ago when the companies used to set aside a significant part of their monthly or yearly expenditure for maintaining their onsite data banks. However, not only were such data centers unreliable and expensive, but they also predisposed the company to massive losses especially in the wake of unforeseeable eventualities e.g., theft, fire, environmental disasters et al.

Fortunately, the 21st century ushered in a myriad of technological advancements, among cloud storage and computing. And the fluidity, convenience and overall cost of implementing such as a system is nowhere close to traditional onsite backup technology.

But are there any ‘unseen’ benefits of going the cloud way?

Well, that’s a question that a majority of corporate heads and business owners will ponder over particularly if the enterprise in question is a startup or a mid-sized company. Nonetheless, here is a quick primer on some of the latest realizations of integrating cloud technology into your business operations.

Any informed business owner or corporate head knows that an enterprise is bound to grow or shrink with time as determined by a variety of market factors- some of which he may not be able to control. Besides, sometimes one may decide to scale down a business in favor of other ventures. Whichever the case, if you’ve been relying on an onsite backup solution, resizing your enterprise will most likely be accompanied by wastage or resources or unnecessary/avoidable costs. On the other hand, however, reputable data companies such as PMC Telecom have a scalability program that allows users to subscribe to higher storage packages or downsize to lower ones at very little or no cost.

Enhanced efficiency
As far as efficiency goes, there’s nothing that spells it better than a closely knit and well-networked business environments. Thanks to cloud computing and networking, now you can tie together various facets of your enterprise in one secure date hub. Thus, rather than relying on cumbersome methods such as emails to share company records e.g., progress reports and financial data between different employees, you can employ a reliable and secure integrative cloud computing model instead.

Automatic updates
There is no dispute that the 21st century technology is at its fastest progress stage. Every day, technocrats are coming up with better or more efficient ways of handling and manipulating data. Which, of course, includes new storage management software packages, better security features, etc. That said, as a business head, implementing a comprehensive cloud storage solution for your company should be the first step of staying abreast of these numerous tech developments.

Business continuity and security
The need for a reliable storage plan that can withstand the test of time or eventualities cannot be overstated, especially in an era of virulent computer virus and commonplace environmental disasters. It even get worse if your business is located in an area plagued by an erratic power connection and periodic blackouts. However, cloud backup and cloud technology can conveniently help you to manage such in-eventualities given that 90% of your files be stored in a secure offsite or offshore location.

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