Car servicing: A brief overview

Car servicing: A brief overview
April 23, 2018 Justin Jersey
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All of us know that it is important to go to a doctor for a regular checkup, to make sure that everything is going on smoothly. So, the same goes for the cars as well it needs the proper car service. When a car is created, the manufacturers set out a service schedule for the car to be followed. They believe that the car would keep up with the regular running if they are serviced based on the said parameters reliably and safely. If one is unsure of the type of service that the car needs, then it is best to check out the manufacturer guidebook as it would have all the relevant details present in it.

There are a lot of overlaps existing between a servicing and a MOT test. It has been estimated that 75-85% of the MOT is covered during the servicing. However, this does not mean that one may skip on the servicing or the MOT since they are important in keeping the car safe and roadworthy, as well as protects oneself and the other road users.

Types of services

The cars who have their own warranty would mostly receive one of the following kinds of services. These services vary in the price relying on the kind of work that is needed to be performed on a car.

1. The Oil and Filter change:

The Oil and Filter change can be as one of the most vital parts of a service procedure and is mostly included in all the services. It helps the car to run reliably and helps to increase the fuel efficiency. All the garages have a duty to care for their customers to perform a visual safety inspection while they work on the car, even if it is meant for a basic oil or filter change. But they cannot be held liable to check the brakes. The brake checks must be booked for it to take place in a time of at least once in a year.

Car Service

Car Service

2. The Basic or the Interim Service:

Each of the types of service builds upon the previous level. Thus a basic service would typically have in it an oil and filter change as well as a visual inspection, but there will generally be a topping up of all the major fluids existing in the engine (brake fluid, washer fluid, antifreeze and the steering fluid) along with a check-up of the 35 key components in order to ensure that the car is in its best possible condition. A good mechanic would also check the brakes and the manufacturer guidelines and suggest any additional work that the car service might need.

3. Major Service:

The major Service would contain everything that is covered in a basic service and will also contain a change of the spark plugs, a change of the fuel filters as well as some other service/wear parts which are suggested in the manufacturer’s list. This will not include any extra repair or any other maintenance work.

4. The Manufacturer’s service:

The Manufacturer service will include all the wear, the service and the maintenance that the car needs, and this kind of service are the most expensive as well as comprehensive service that is available.

There is a wide range of checks to be included in a manufacturer’s service including:

  1. Brake fluid check and top up
  2. Oil and oil filter check and replacement
  3. Anti-Freeze coolant check and top up
  4. Full brake check
  5. Windscreen wash check and top up
  6. Power steering fluid check and top up
  7. Shock absorbers check.
  8. Steering check
  9. Suspension check
  10. Windscreen wipers check
  11. Light check
  12. Wheel alignment check
  13. Exhaust check
  14. Charging systems check
  15. Battery check
  16. Tire tread and pressure check
  17. Charging system check

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