Better Business: Five Easy Steps to Make Your Company More Efficient

Better Business: Five Easy Steps to Make Your Company More Efficient
October 15, 2014 Brooke Chaplan

Better Business Five Easy Steps to Make Your Company More Efficient

Keeping your company running at peak efficiency levels at all times is a challenge, no matter what you do. Yet it is a feat not impossible to achieve. Here are five simple practices to boost your company’s efficiency, and maximize sales and profits.

Open Communications

Cultivate a culture of open communication within the workforce. If your company has already adopted the “open door policy”, you are already on the right path. This is a great start, but a step further may be necessary to fully realize its benefits. Open door policies usually end up being hollow and rarely used by employees. As a business owner or company manager, encourage a true policy of open communication and collaboration between departments. Use chat, email or even opportunities for workers to meet and share ideas. Try to not compartmentalize as much as possible and work to promote an atmosphere of friendship and honesty.

Take Advantage of Smart Devices

Not taking advantage of the technology today, can have serious impacts to your bottom line. Smartphones, tablets, and other hardware are impressively effective towards improving productivity within the workplace. Provide your marketing team with smartphones to help them reach clients worldwide, your sales representatives to help them keep in touch with clientele, and product developers so they can collaborate on projects on-the-go, or ROI solutions on the net. Don’t be left behind by the competition and try new ways to connect and network as much as you can.

Accept Internal Feedback

Your employees will most likely have something to say about the company, whether they’ve been working for a month or two years. Encourage them to express their opinions and feedback, be it positive or negative. This gives you ideas on how to further improve management, while also allowing your staff members to vent any negative feedback. For small businesses and start-ups, a cost-effective way is to hold weekly or monthly meetings for sharing ideas and giving feedback. Use anonymous surveys to get opinions from people who rarely speak up.

Analyze How Staff Members Work

Take weekly pools of current workforce to measure their overall efficiency. Have supervisors spend some time with each department to analyze how each department manages individual operations. Afterwards, meet with these supervisors to get their feedback and compare notes. When everyone works together, you’ll have a better idea where departments are lagging and what can be done to boost productivity.

Social Media Exposure
Social media is arguably one of the most powerful marketing tools available today, and what’s great about it, is that most are free of charge. Use these platforms to gain exposure for your company, and meet with potential clients. Delegate a group to focus on building a reputable presence on different social media websites, your own home page, and provide new content through a newsletter or blog to let readers know what you’re all about.

Making your company more efficient will take a tremendous amount of time and effort. Nonetheless, it is an essential ingredient for success in any entrepreneurial pursuit you choose to take.

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