Be the Talk Of The Town – Here’s What I Have To Say About The Best Party Planners In London

Be the Talk Of The Town – Here’s What I Have To Say About The Best Party Planners In London
December 31, 2018 Kabir Raja
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Whether you are organizing a conference, a stag or hen do for the ages, or are looking for that perfect wedding venue – planning the big day can be a humongous task.

After all, there are a whole lot of things to consider: should you start by creating the guest list, or by setting the date? Or should choosing the venue come first? With so many things to consider, it can be difficult to know where to even begin. Maybe, the following tips can help.

  1. Have an objective or goal

Before you set a date, consider a guest list, or begin consulting venues, take a few minutes to solidify your objective or goal for the event.

  1. Decide on the theme

Figuring out your objective or goal for a private event paves the way nicely into deciding on the theme.

Settling on a theme for your event, whether it’s very conceptual or quite simple will further help you determine your needs for a space.

  1. Plan for the logistics

Now you have an idea of your goal and theme for the event, begin to consider the logistics: how many people you want to invite, what might be potential dates, and what type of services you might require.

  1. Consult with venues

Now that you’ve got a plan going, it’s time to consult the venue. Consulting with the venue will allow you to explain your needs and desires to the private events manager, and you’ll be able to discuss the logistics of the event including available dates, capacity, and so on.

  1. Establish a calendar and delegate as needed

When planning an event, there are often vital dates that play into the planning process. So, make a calendar, and consult it often throughout the planning process.

There is also no need to shoulder all of the planning yourself: it will only make you stressed out and feel overextended. If people offer to be part of the planning process, gladly accept their time and effort.

Now let’s talk about Clownfish – One of the best party planners in London

Clownfish Events is a bespoke event management company comprising of a permanent, carefully selected team of event planners, account managers, technical crew, professional party people and brand ambassadors.

I had the opportunity to hire them for my son’s 18th birthday and they didn’t disappoint.

The Briefing

When they first met Tom, my son, he wasn’t sure what he wanted for his party. It had to be big, it had to be cool and it had to fit his personality. Black tie was too formal, plus he wanted something a bit different from his friends’ parties. A tricky brief, but there were loads of scope for creativity.

The Concept

What Tom and his mates really wanted to do was go clubbing, but at 17 or 18 this was off the cards. So, Clownfish brought the club to them.

They designed an incredible, New York-themed nightclub concept especially for the occasion. They started with a CAD drawing to map out the space and identify the optimum positioning of the set, the DJ booth, lighting rigs, furniture and the photo booth – and then they built it in Tom’s back garden.

The Centerpiece

The centerpiece was a jaw-dropping graffiti backdrop, drawn from scratch and reproduced on a massive scale in UV paint. They added a black LED ceiling, starlit dance floor, LED furniture, lighting rigs and spheres and loads of UV to transform the space and recreate the ambience of a proper nightclub.

Throwing a party for teenagers at home can be a worry. We were rightly concerned; I am not going to deny the fact, but Clownfish did pull it off spectacularly on their own.

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