Be a Storage Genius!

Be a Storage Genius!
April 30, 2014 Howayda Alame

Read this article to know more about amplifying your storage space at home.

Closet is not the only solution to keep things nicely; they commonly tend to be junk inhalers. From expensive clothing to shoes, it becomes more like an irrupting volcano; it comes at your foot, once opened. I understand the point that you can’t place things neatly all the time. Neither you are brave enough to touch the depths of your closet; therefore, it is much better to look out for different ways to store things nicely rather than stacking them in a closet.  All you need is that, you must have an eye to utilize each space efficiently and effectively. For you, I’ve come up with five genius storage solutions, check below:

Hanging Road

Hanging Rods:

Say no to slip hangers! Wrap your slippery hangers into colorful yarn to give life to them and enable them to hold clothes firmly. Wrapped hangers look beautiful and you don’t have to cover each to hide their ugliness, they are prettier now! There are always two sides of a coin, good and bad both! The bad one first, you don’t live in a palace where dressing rooms and wardrobes are more than the number of bedrooms. Second one, probably the good news is, there are different ways to keep things pleasantly.

If you have a space of around 2 feet by 4 feet, install a hanging rod and hang your clothes neatly. You can put a floral plastic curtain to hide that hanging space.


Peg Board:

Pegboard is another great deal to install inside your closet door to multiply storage. It enables you to hang things, that are small and much needed all the time. Once you hang it, you don’t have to flip flop your cupboard to look for it, they are always at your disposal. Things like belts, ties, scarfs, necklaces or napkins that you can put on the pegboard.


If you have a corner that you can avail to store things, install dividers to amplify space and surface area to keep things at large.

Storage Boxes - 2

Storage Boxes:

Grab a set of storage boxes that are colorful, handy and stable at base. If you can afford to buy a set of plastic storage boxes, get shipping boxes and paint them colorful, floral and printed. You can dedicate each box for your underpants, socks, waists, lingerie etc. and put them one upon the other. It will give a colorful girly impact to your room, amplifies storage at the same time.

Hanging Bags

Hanging Bags:

Say for instance you have no cupboard, boxes or corner to place your shoes; you don’t have to worry anymore, get a grip and buy shoe storage bags. You don’t have to dig that clump at the corner to find out a pair. With hanging bags, you can easily put a pair in a pocket and hang it in your washroom, dressing room, storeroom etc.

Try your best to accommodate your mess within your premises but if you still have a lot and you don’t want to dispose off, you can go further with storage warehouses. If you are looking for a storage place in Dubai, you can easily go for Dubai Warehouses to store your stuff safely and securely.

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