Avoid Blunders When Opting for a Citizenship Program

Avoid Blunders When Opting for a Citizenship Program
May 12, 2014 Howayda Alame

Read this article to know more about some of the appropriate ways of applying for a citizenship programs.

The adoption or naturalization ceremony is one of the most special moments in an immigrant’s life. This is so-called a formal ceremony in which a person admits to the rules and regulations of the country you have attained citizenship from. However, getting there is challenging after crossing appointments and medical examination. The process can be lengthy, during which you might miss out a signature or a document that could lead to setbacks. Some miss outs might cost you a lot and I’m sure, you would appreciate it. Here, I have sorted out a few tips to guide you through the entire process so that you become a citizen without any blockade.

Re-check your application

One of the most common mistakes is filing your application with loads of errors or mistakes. Nancy Guerrero, an immigration officer –USCIS says,

A lot of people focus too much on studying the 100 questions on the citizenship test, but they sometimes forget to double check the application before filing it”.

To avoid blunders, she recommends each applicant to double the immigration application or else it takes double time to get started as case. A few tips below are:

  • Go over an application form in detail and discuss thoroughly without adding anything to it. Once you are clear, start filling up with confidence and right knowledge. Seek out help if you are unable to understand it.
  • Ensure twice that you have attached all required documents relevant to the N-400 application including photocopies of both sides of the legal residency card and two same colored photographs.
  • Pay the right amount or your application process would bounce back and will be a loss of time. Confirm the right payment methods or else you’ll again waste time fixing it.

Supplementary Documents

Once you are done with the initial process, you are required to get interviewed by an immigration official, who will conduct a small test over US civic life and English competency test. He will then deliver an interview letter at the end of the interview and would ask for another bunch of documents to make sure things are channelized. You are required to submit the required document along with the interview letter within the given time. Otherwise, the application might be prolonged.

“This will help the paperwork move a lot quicker,” said Guerrero.

Special Requirements

Some immigrants can go for an exemption from taking English or a civic test. They might appear in the civic test in their own native language. Check out, who could go for exemptions?

  • If an immigrant is 50 years old or above while applying for a citizenship and have stayed in US as a legal resident for more than 20 years.
  • If an immigrant is 55 years or older and have lived in US for over 15 years as a legal US resident.


If you are applying with a difference of a day or two, don’t! It’s a reminder call to everyone who’s trying to avail thinking they are about to meet the requirement. Unfortunately, immigration application is designed to choose people from the ones already qualifying, not for the ones underneath. Think twice and look again because the application fee is non-refundable and the application is returned without any consideration.

“This happens quite frequently,” said Guerrero.

Europe Cyprus immigration

Immigration Application is the first step to apply for any citizenship program. No matter for what country you are applying for, from US citizenship programs to Europe Cyprus passport and citizenship program, you must go through the system with the right approach to submit your immigration application.

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