7 Ways to Improve Your Home Office

7 Ways to Improve Your Home Office
September 18, 2016 Ozair Akhtar
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Working from home can offer a lot of benefits, but it can be hard to increase productivity. Home is often the place where we relax and kick our feet up. It is our place to watch our favorite television shows and cook dinner, but home isn’t always what we equate with working.

However, there are some ways we can increase our productivity. One of these ways is to better our home office. Hopefully, if you work from home, you have an office to retreat so that you can focus on your work. Trying to work while relaxing on your couch is not the most productive location in your home. Working while relaxing on your bed is never a wise idea either.

Home Office Options

1. Place Light Exercise Equipment in the Room

Exercising can get your brain working and your gears shifting. It is a wise idea to start your day with exercise, but also if you feel tired or have a block. Taking breaks increases productivity, but laying down for a nap isn’t the best way to take a break. Instead, put on a podcast and hit the treadmill for a few moments. Your productivity is going to improve.

2. Get Comfortable

Just because you are working doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable. Investing in a good office chair is the first place you should start. Stores, such as Office Chairs Only, have a wide assortment of quality chairs that place your body in an ergonomically correct position. Your back will thank you after hours of sitting.

3. Purchase Good Lighting

Before you purchase lamps, try to amplify the natural light you get throughout the day. There is no better lighting than the sun. If you have a choice of rooms, select the room in your home that receives the best natural light.

After that, you should try different light intensities or tones to see which one works for you. There are going to be days when the weather is nasty or cloudy. Good, quality lighting in your home office will reduce your eye strain, which can lead to migraines or fatigue.

Home Office: Live and Work

4. Hang Some Art

There is no reason your office needs to be blank and boring. Instead, purchase artwork or posters to hang on your walls. If you have children, have your kids paint or draw some pictures. Frame them and place them around your home office. Don’t be afraid to display great color; they will bring you joy during your work day.

5. Hide The Cords

Cables and cords are ugly, and they can clutter up your desk. Many people struggle to work when they have a cluttered desk. There are some great ways to organize or hide the cords, so try a few ways. It will immediately make your office look better.

6. Introduce Some Color

Your walls can be other colors than white. However, you should find a color that promotes the right emotions. Colors have different reactions in our brain. For example, red is known to ignite anger and to increase your heart rate. That isn’t the type of reaction you are aiming for in your home office.

Best Home Office Ideas

7. Provide Some Distractions

Besides the exercise equipment, you need to have other distractions or entertainments in your office. If you are currently reading a great book, make sure to leave it in your office so you can pick it up periodically for a break. A tablet or e-Reader can be in your reach. Whatever you enjoy you should include in your home office.

Working from home has its unique struggles and challenges. However, all of the struggles are easy to overcome with the right strategies and attitude. You will find your productivity and creativity increases with a better home office.

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