7 Services Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

7 Services Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know
December 3, 2014 Meghan Belnap

Jumping into the world of entrepreneurship is rewarding yet demanding and stressful at times. As a business owner, you are juggling so many responsibilities, it can sometimes to be difficult to decide where to narrow your focus. In order to reduce stress and become more efficient, here are 6 services that every entrepreneur needs to know about.

1. GoFundMe

If you’re just starting out in the world of entrepreneurship, and you are in need of funding to get your business of the ground, GoFundMe.com is a great way to get some start-up capital. Launched in 2010, GoFundMe is a crowdfunding website that allows users to raise money for business or personal use. Businesses can create their own website to detail their objective, their needs, and the amount of money they need to launch their project. Once you have your donation page set up, you can share it to your social media sites to gain even more attention towards your project. Although GoFundMe deducts a 5% fee for each donation, the website is a great tool to get some financial backing for your company.

2. Pinterest

It is essential that all entrepreneurs setup a Pinterest account and get to pinning! Pinterest has been proven to be a massive tool for businesses to drive online traffic and sales. Users create boards and pin anything that appeals to them. These pins are then re-pinned and shared amongst their friends. If you are consistently pinning your product images and engaging with other users, you are bound to get some sales from your efforts.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a great service for entrepreneurs to increase their sales and customer engagement. With Instagram, businesses are able to post a curation of images that represent their company and solidify their brand. This visual approach is what draws customers in, and makes them want to know more about who is behind the company and what they have to offer. Make the most out of your Instagram account by following your customers, engaging with them, and offering discounts and giveaways right on your feed.

4. Ebay

Ebay is great platform to sell items that are out of season, out of stock, or products that have been difficult to sell. Users can sell items as an auction or by using the “buy it now” feature. Ebay has over 150 million users that are constantly looking for the latest deals and discounts. You can take advantage of this by setting up an account and start listing your items for sale.

5. Etsy

If you create handmade and unique items, Etsy is a wonderful online sellers platform that can be beneficial for your business. With over 30 million users who swoon over handmade and vintage items, Etsy is a great tool for you to gain exposure for your business and increase your profits. You can buy ad space on the website to promote your products, or you can allow Etsy’s search feature to do the work for you. By utilizing keywords and great title descriptions, you should find it fairly easy to find customers and to get sales.

6. Blogger & WordPress

If you haven’t jumped on the blogging bandwagon yet, you’re surely missing out! Online platforms such as Blogger and WordPress allow you to create free blogs to talk about your business and your products. Using your SEO skills and great utilization of keywords will drive traffic to your blog and your business. Blogging is fun and easy way to promote your company and establish brand recognition.

7. Decluttr

Decluttr is a great site for the entrepreneurs that have a need to actually de-clutter their workplace. If you are inundated with an overstock of unwanted cds, DVDs or games then you can use this service to get a little money back for your troubles. By using the services outlined here, you are bound to become more productive and hopefully, more successful.

Becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting time in one’s life. Don’t burn yourself out by using tools that do not better your business and your brand. The payoff at the end of a successful venture is very much worth the effort.

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