6 Tactics to Grow Your Business

6 Tactics to Grow Your Business
September 16, 2016 Lana Wilde


Getting your business to the point where you are bringing in a steady revenue stream is a significant achievement. That’s why some small business owners are content to maintain a relatively modest operation for a respectable income.

However, others are driven by a constant desire to grow their business into a high-profit venture. If you’re looking to take your small business into the big time, then you need to start making changes to the way you operate. The following tactics will get you on the path to growth.

Feed Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you have managed to survive the startup phase and are now running a successful business, then congratulations. You have got further than many entrepreneurs out there. However, if you want to grow your business, you need to continue to nurture that entrepreneurial spirit and be willing to invest more time, money, and effort.

There are various ways to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset, including taking risks, exploring your passions, stimulating curiosity by asking questions, and seeking out new experiences. This kind of thinking will stop you from becoming complacent with your current situation and, instead, motivate you to find new opportunities for growth and never stop developing your business.

Focus on Sales

If you want to grow your business, the fastest way to do so is to concentrate on sales. It’s the one part of your business that will contribute most to your success, so it deserves your time and energy. Just because you are making sales now, does not mean you can afford to become complacent.

As an established business, you should be committing at least 30% of your day to sales whether it’s speaking to potential customers or refining your sales process. It’s important because, in the long run, that’s what will make the real difference as it’s the area that will help you vastly drive up revenue. So get out there and ask people for their business.

Have the Right People on Board

When you’re a small business trying to grow, it’s important that you have the right staff to help you accomplish this. You will need people who are dedicated to the mission and not afraid to put in the hard work to get the company there.

You can’t afford to have people on your team who simply say that that’s not a part of their job. Having the right team is the best way to achieve fast growth, so make sure you only hire the best. You don’t want employees that are only there to do the bare minimum, so look for people that want to grow with the business.

Target New Markets

While your current market may be delivering enough income, for the time being, there’s no reason you can’t look into other opportunities. Eventually, you may even reach a point where you encounter growth limits with your original target market.

There are always other markets out there, and it pays to plan and implement a strategy to target new markets to not only expand your business but also help it to survive through any difficult periods. You may want to target the same group, but in a new location. Or, you could target a new demographic, but stay focused on your current geographic area. Find something that works best for your business.

Learn to Adapt

Being able to adapt to changes in the market is essential for achieving long-term and sustainable growth. You need to be flexible enough to change directions, both as a company or regarding your product or service, if the market demands it.

Having an agile approach will help you to respond to changes faster, allow you to test different methods of operation, and narrow down what works best for your business. It will help you find new opportunities, expand into different markets, or find other customers to target.

Always Plan Ahead

When you’re running a business, you always want to think ahead and plan your next steps. You should be considering possible future scenarios and how your company would cope. Keep on the lookout for opportunities for sales, expansion, and development while remaining flexible to change.

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure security for your business, especially when you focus on growing it. Having that foundation in place and a plan in place will make it much easier to deal with any changes along the way, including expansion.


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