6 Great Places To Plan Your Next Company Retreat

6 Great Places To Plan Your Next Company Retreat
February 4, 2014 Tricia Borren



Going on a company retreat affords employees with the opportunity to mingle with one another in a less intense setting, and they will also be able to learn useful tips to bring back to the office. When you’re planning the next retreat for your company, what are some locales that are worth considering?

Spiritual Retreat Center

Depending upon the faith of your employees, you may be able to book a retreat at a spiritual center. The center may have a particular faith to which it is connected, or it may be suitable for people of all religious and spiritual backgrounds. Staff may even be present to help guide some of the activities.

Ski Lodge

Why not opt for a place where everyone can have a little bit of fun during free time but still be together for the necessary meeting and planning? Finding a place to go during the cold season can be challenging, but a ski lodge is an idea that works quite well for this time of the year.

Business-Oriented Hotels and Motels

Booking a few rooms at a standard hotel or motel can be a little bit challenging. The rooms may be scattered all over the place, and you might not have the amenities you need to conduct business happenings. Opting for a place that caters specifically to businesses means that your work can get done in a timely and efficient manner.

Boutique Hotels

When you are looking for a traditional hotel experience with some edge to it, you can choose boutique hotels such as the Monte Carlo Inns. These are the same kinds of inns that serve as wedding venues in Oakville. You’ll still have many of the amenities that a hotel would offer to you, but more elements of fun and flavor will be infused into the experience.

All-Inclusive Resorts

You also want your employees to participate in all that is around them. After all, you are planning it and paying for it, so everyone should be able to experience the getaway. An all-inclusive resort means that everyone will have a fixed price, and you’ll know how much everything is going to cost before leaving.

A Local State Park

Perhaps you are not looking to cost an overnight retreat and just want to get the group together for the day. Look into spots in your local state park that are available for rent.

Hosting a company retreat is an excellent idea, and it can be even further enhanced when you pick one of these locations for the setting.

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  1. Well, these types of events maintain a healthy environment and relationship in the office and between the employees. You can also plan a party on special occasions to improve the communication between the staff members.

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