5 Top-Paying IT Careers Around the World In 2016

5 Top-Paying IT Careers Around the World In 2016
May 25, 2016 Andre

If you want to pursue a career that may guarantee you stability, enviable paychecks and the opportunity to advance and learn new skills – IT could be a good choice for you. On a global level, IT industry is still at the very top when it comes to consistent growth and high profits. Even the low-level positions are well-paid and the experts are in always in demand. In 2016, IT market continues to be extremely attractive and mobile, providing ample opportunities for advancement for those with diverse skills who are willing to learn. As in every other field, the highest annual pays can be found at the top management and director positions.

Here’s the list of 5 top-paying IT careers around the world today.

  1. Business Intelligence Director

The tasks of business intelligence directors are far from easy – but the effort is worth their while, as their average salaries are well into the six-figure. To become one of these IT experts, you’ll need a substantial level of expertise and diverse skills.  The requirements are a bachelor’s degree in computer science, finance, business analysis and proficiency in programming languages.  One of the key skills is being able to organize and oversee multiple projects simultaneously. Being a business intelligence director includes working with multidimensional data modeling, reporting and delivering information. This means collaborating with both internal and external IT experts to reach project goals. The average annual pay is around $143,000 but it can rise to 179,000 if you possess top-level skills and remarkable experience.

  1. Project Management Director (IT)

If you opt for this career, you’ll have one of the top salaries in IT field, regardless of the country you live in. In short, the task of any project manager is to define and communicate project objectives – and they must satisfy these three criteria: to be useful, clearly defined and attainable. Project management directors are in charge of providing required information, materials and workforce in order to accomplish the project goals. In IT field, they oversee the development of projects, all IT teams and the implementation of their services. A bachelor’s degree is a minimum, but the knowledge of Agile project methodology, business analysis and SQL is a prerequisite for higher achievements. An experienced project manager with top skills can expect a total of $180,000 annually.

  1. Senior Computer Scientist

If you’re a new graduate, getting a degree in computer sciences will surely pay off as they have the highest starting salary in IT field. It takes some time to advance from low-level to a senior computer scientist. Unlike other jobs on our list, this position requires a Ph.D. However, this will enable you an average pay of $145,000 (but it can go up to $187,000). What is it that computer scientists do? Their job tasks include theory and research rather than working with practical details. They are creating concepts, testing prototypes and developing new products. Senior scientists communicate with other internal (research) teams to accomplish this and they often have supervisory role.

  1. Vice President (IT)

It is expected that vice president will be among the highest-paying people in the company, being just one step behind managing director in rank. Their responsibilities vary according to the company’s size, structure, and VP’s area of expertise. IT vice presidents hold a lot of responsibility as their decisions affect the future of the company’s IT development. They are the people whose job is to ensure that IT department and their projects run according to plan and that IT systems are properly implemented. Besides a degree (MA) in computer science, an additional expertise (MBA) is recommended.

  1. Vice President (E-commerce)

The highest paying IT job is found at another vice president position. A leading expert in e-commerce takes care of a wide range of tasks so that business strategy is properly developed and executed. This includes everyday collaboration with IT, sales, supply and other teams.  They are defining complete business concepts, web architecture and infrastructure, which requires a lot of practice and experience. Research shows that this position is not only financially rewarding – most VP’s in this field are very satisfied with their work. A bachelor’s degree is required, but e –commerce experts with less than 10 years of experience can’t look forward to more than $164,000 annually. However, those with more than 15 years of experience can earn $209,000 per year.






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