5 Tips To Ensure Smooth Employee Onboarding Process

5 Tips To Ensure Smooth Employee Onboarding Process
February 21, 2019 Anwar Shaikh
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Onboarding process – an integral part of human resources management, which helps new employees / hires to gel in and adjust with the company as well as socialize with other members in order to work and contribute towards the organizational goals.

Performing employee onboarding process is an essential part of an HR’s duty, because it helps new hires to connect with company culture ensuring them to feel an important part of the team. Another key reason for performing onboarding process is ‘employee retention’. Around 70% of employees who stayed for more than 3 years in the same company admitted that they had experienced great onboarding process.

Here are some useful and proven tips for ensuring a smooth onboarding process:

  1. Act spontaneously:

Waiting for the shortlisted candidate to approach and sign on those dotted lines for confirmation is a waste. If you tend to practice this, you must have lost many potential hires till now. Instead you must continue with your onboarding process. As soon as the candidate accepts the job offer, you must assume him / her as a part of the company. If you have integration of any self-service portal at your workplace, then let the new hires be a part of it instantly. This reflects the culture. The person thereby feels himself / herself engaged into the company easing the employee engagement process.

  • Keep it short & easy:

Last-hour paper based onboarding procedure, which includes submitting nominee details, account details, correspondence address and other necessary information can make the process tedious and lengthy. A short and easy onboarding procedure on the other hand reflects agility and good culture as well as a properly managed organization. A good employee management system here would help deliver smooth, easy and well-coordinated procedures. Only the mandatory information must be taken on the 1st day, whilst rest of the information could be submitted later.

  • Day 1-Prep:

Once the candidate confirms the joining date, prepare for it. Ensure that their assets are ready and set get onboard. Keep the desk to be allotted clean. The onboarding program must be friendly and well-thought to avoid any last-minute knots.

  • 1st impression stays:

Yes! First impression stays longer. So what are the points for you to consider here? Honesty! Stick to what you preach. Be honest with all the policies and rules regarding pay, attendance, and every other thing that the employee will be bound to. Employees have been seen leveraging such things for escaping the organization. Be careful with making promises that you cannot fulfill. That builds impression for your company in their minds.

  • Reviews & feedback:

After the candidate has finally joined and you are through with the formalities, do not forget to have a feedback from them. This gives you an opportunity to learn and get even better with creating impressions and later retaining them. Every employee may have different view and feedbacks. More data you collect more chances of getting closer to the right mark and thus, makes you smart enough to handle your organizational activities. Also employees love it when the management hears them.


Want to improve your onboarding process? Remember that the key to create smooth and effective onboarding process and to retain them is ‘planning’. So, plan before you act on anything. Rely on your previous results. Having a short and automated process for onboarding your employees can help you here.

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