5 Technology Game Changers

5 Technology Game Changers
July 16, 2019 Kevin Devoto
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Technology is a very important part of life. This science is also very important for businesses. There are specific forms of tech that have revolutionized life for just about every aspect of society. Regardless of the field, technology has made life better for everyone. Here are 5 technologies that have changed how we work, live, communicate, interact, entertain and learn.

The Internet of Everything (IoE)

The Internet of Everything is a specialized technology that connects devices, machines and computers through the internet. Many computer developers and machine manufacturers use the internet to combine these mechanisms into one cohesive network. The news site Ketchum tells us that the IoE primarily utilizes the Cloud to perform this function. Cloud security is important for safeguarding the networks to ensure that this technology works. No one wants to be easily exploited by criminals or thieves.


The online magazine known as Good tells us that Nanobots are going to play an important role in human health. Within the next 10 years this technology is expected to help people to fight disease and other medical problems. There are many possibilities for nanotechnology being utilized as a viable cure for people’s health. Medical researchers are now figuring out different ways to use this tech for artificial limbs and for fighting diseases such as cancer. Nanotech should have many different uses for medicine within the near future.

Robot Tech

ING is a website for a banking organization. This particular financial institution utilizes technology for their businesses. One thing that they report on their site is the usefulness of robots. Robots are expected to help streamline more companies, industries and businesses as a whole. They are also expected to assist people and their personal needs to a greater degree. By the year 2030 their will be millions of more robots being included within all of society.

Computerized Eyewear

Computer glasses are having a hard time catching on with the masses. However, they are slowly making progress. It is expected that a lot more people will be using this tech in the future. Computer eyewear will be improved. It will allow people to take pics with their glasses, watch movies with their specs and even play games. The technology is still being developed and it has the potential to be integrated through social networks. Education applications are also being developed with this technology. Users will be able to learn about different subjects through this tech.

Commercial Space Travel

People love to travel and traveling into outer space is becoming the next frontier that people want to experience. However, the average person cannot afford to pay for a trip to the moon and back. Traveling into outer space is not feasible. It would literally cost people millions of dollars to make this trip. They also would have to be trained. Space travel and exploration companies are making this process cheaper and easier. While the expense for traveling into space is constantly coming down, it will be some time before more people are ready to visit the moon as a tourist attraction. Still, travel is moving in this direction and within the next 50 years it will be more commonplace.         

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