5 Steps to Building a Successful Online Drop Shipping Business

5 Steps to Building a Successful Online Drop Shipping Business
January 10, 2019 Keith Coppersmith

From startups to franchising, the world has become one business-friendly arena eager to welcome new innovators to join the ranks. However, among a slew of profitable business models that have been in high demand in recent years, entrepreneurs are increasingly interested in the prospect of starting their own drop shipping company. This has become a very intriguing business trend for various entrepreneurs, especially those coming from younger, tech-savvy generations such as Millennials and Gen Z.

Although you don’t need any exceptional business or drop shipping expertise to start this particular business, there are certain best practices you should do your best to follow. The following steps are vital in ensuring long-term success for any new drop shipper entering this competitive realm, so let’s go over them and see what you can do to help your new business thrive!

Choose your market

Although it’s highly unlikely the words “I dream to become a drop shipper someday!” have ever been uttered by a seven-year-old, you still need to factor in passion when you’re choosing the specific market you want to work with. For example, if you’ve always loved coffee, then selling to larger coffee franchises all of their needed equipment and goods sounds like a good choice, whereas working with plumbing supplies may not be the best option for you.

So, before you can move onto the details, you need to narrow down your selection to a very specific niche. However, some details do matter in the grand scheme of things, so you should also consider a niche with low shipping prices and the possibility of free shipping, seeking out areas that are profitable by nature, and finding something that your customers won’t easily find in their supermarket.

Pick the right partners

Even if you plan to be a solopreneur working from the comfort of your own home with your drop shipping business, you still need reliable business partners for the sake of making long-term relationships with your future clients. That said, one of the most vital factors here is selecting the right suppliers such as JMIT distributors, with a reputation of reliability and who can meet your needs when it comes to the niche you choose to work in.

Partnering up with the right wholesaler means you’ll have access to high-quality merchandise when you need it, and that you can establish a long-term partnership without worrying about ever disappointing your clients. That way, with a solid supply chain structure in place, you can focus on branding and building your online presence to attract the right audience.

Build your web presence

It’s time to move onto the “online” piece of this drop shipping puzzle of yours. It’s a competitive world out there, no matter how specific your target audience may be or how exquisite your products. Chances are, there will be many other offering a very similar if not the same service as you, and you need to focus on building a reputation online.

You need to use a secure selling platform and build a website that is optimized for high-volume sales, and that can keep your customer data safe and sound at all times.

Do your competition homework

In addition to knowing your customers well, it’s essential that you know who your competitors are. You can learn so much from the more successful ones on the market, and take note of all the little mistakes made by the smaller fish in your pond – this is how you can prevent certain errors of judgment and cut costs wherever you possibly can.

Knowing your competitors also means you’ll be able to better understand your audience and potential customers, find their sore spots and the best way to fulfill their needs. Insights such as these will help you keep your business afloat and ultimately make it more profitable.

Design your battle plan

Finally, how you approach your audience and your partners is crucial for the success of your company. Every new drop shipper on the market is an invisible entity, much like any new brand entering the competitive business waters. So, in order to be able to make all the right noise around your business, you need to optimize your business plan to include the best communications and marketing strategies related to your niche.

However, keep your plan flexible to a certain extent, because there will always be a learning curve that comes with the territory. Once you select your partners, and you define your target audience, you will refine your methods in which you communicate with them, so that your bonds can grow stronger over time.


Starting your own drop shipping company may seem like a daunting task in this day and age, but it’s more than plausible, and it can be quite profitable with the right strategies to back up your ambition. Use these vital tips to kick-start your business, and you’ll be looking at years of success ahead of you!

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