5 Reasons Why You Should Go for Uber Cab Service

5 Reasons Why You Should Go for Uber Cab Service
October 10, 2016 Ozair Akhtar
Uber Taxi Service

The days of waiting out in the rain, getting splashed by passing cars as you wait in vain for a cab are over! Just add the app to your phone and start requesting rides right away. Check below for just a few of the great benefits of riding with Uber.

1. The Drivers Are Rated by Other Passengers

One of the worst things about catching a cab is being driven around by a complete stranger. With Uber, all of the drivers have profiles, so you’ll see their name and picture before they even show up. Plus, you can see the driver’s rating. These ratings come from the feedback all passengers give after a ride. This way, you can see a driver’s rating before choosing them. If you see a driver nearby but their rating is lower than you’d like, you can simply choose a different, higher-rated driver.

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2. The Cars Are Clean and Well-Maintained

Regular taxi cabs are often old, worn-out cars with dirty upholstery and strange smells. This is large because the cars are owned by the cab companies, so the drivers have little incentive to maintain or clean their vehicles. Uber’s drivers, on the other hand, own their own cars, which gives them the motivation to keep them clean and mechanically sound. What’s more, Uber actually has rules about the model and year of the cars that its drivers use—they must be fairly new and in good condition. Plus, passengers are given the opportunity to rate cars on their appearance and cleanliness after every ride, so drivers that don’t comply will be penalized with poor ratings.

3. The Vehicles Have Tracking Systems

Another great thing about Uber’s cars is that they’re all required to have a GPS tracking system. This has multiple benefits for you as a passenger. For one, it’s what allows you to go to the app, see the Uber drivers available near you, and pick the one that’s closest.  Once you pick your driver, the GPS system also allows you to track them via the app to see how close by they are. Instead of waiting outside in the street, you can stay where you are until you get an alert from the app saying that your ride is pulling up. What’s more, the tracking system continues during the ride, so you can ensure that your driver is taking the most efficient route.

The GPS tracking system is also more than just a convenience—it’s an important safety feature, too, allowing Uber to track all of its cars at all times, down to knowing where drivers picked up and dropped off every single passenger.  More recent updates to the tracking system will even allow Uber to track driver behavior, making sure drivers aren’t speeding or engaging in other unsafe driving habits.

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4. The Prices Are Often Lower Than Regular Cab Fare

A ride from Uber can cost up to 50% less than the same ride in a taxi.  This price difference is especially true for longer trips or when driving outside of large cities. You can also see the expected price of a ride with Uber before agreeing to it. When you enter your location in order to see the drivers nearby, you can get an Uber estimate letting you know how much your ride is likely to cost up front. This means that yo
ur bill isn’t a surprise. That’s a far cry from the usual experience with cabs, which have a complicated meter and fare pricing schemes.

5. There’s No Pressure to Tip

Another way riding with Uber is cheaper than if you choose a regular cab service is that you don’t have to tip. Instead, your payment method is linked to your profile and you are charged once your ride is complete, which is super convenient if you’re running low on cash or have misplaced your credit card.Though you can choose to give an additional cash tip to your driver, it is by no means expected, so you don’t have to feel guilty if you choose not to.

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This tip-free system works because, instead of being motivated to drive well by the potential for a big tip, Uber drivers do their best because they know they are being rated. If they get too many bad ratings from passengers, people will stop choosing them for rides, so it behooves them to behave.  This is a win-win for you as a passenger because you get great service and a less expensive ride.

Final Thoughts:

Uber has totally revolutionized transportation for the modern age. It’s cheaper, more convenient, and way more reliable than the cab service of your parents’ days. It’s pretty much the taxi of the future.

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