5 Questions to Ask before Sealing the Deal with a Car Removal Company!

5 Questions to Ask before Sealing the Deal with a Car Removal Company!
February 27, 2019 Eada Hudes
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Getting the price that you actually want in exchange for selling off your old car may turn out to be a bit difficult in case of private selling. There are so many listings for second hand cars that it turns out to be quite a struggle. And then there are times when your car is in such a bad condition, that, there’s no question of competing. Your car would need extensive repairs, and the cost may even outweigh the original value of your car. But, having an old, junk of a car, sitting and taking up space in your garage, is pointless as well. So, what to do?

We shall give you the answer to the above question. The best solution for you in such a situation is contacting car wreckers in Adelaide like HS Car Removals. They will get rid of your old, scrap car in the most efficient way possible, and give you a decent amount of cash in return. They provide the perfect platform, if you want to get to of an unwanted car without the risks and hassles of private selling and dealing. But, how to know if the car removal company you are choosing is the one? It’s quite simple, just read on.

Top questions to ask before agreeing to a car removal company

Every time you consider the idea of potential car buyers in Adelaide, your greatest concern will be the price they are going to pay you. The same is with any reputable car removal company. You will not only be sceptical about choosing the correct company that gives you top dollars, but also guarantees a smooth and hassle-free process. Well, all it takes is due diligence and smartness to decide upon the correct company you can give your car to. And to make it easier, here are five questions you can ask before you allow them to remove your car:

  • Free removal: The first question you should ask the company is that whether they offer a free car removal/towing service. Most of the reputable car removal companies make sure that you don’t have to pay a single cent for the car removal, and that’s how it should be. If the company reacts otherwise and tells you that it shall be upon you to pay for the car removal, stop right there.
  • Kinds of cars: The next thing you need to enquire about is the kinds of cars that they accept. Again, most of the efficient car removal companies accept vehicles of all makes and models. But, it’s better to be sure than sorry. So, choose a company that buys cars of all makes, models, or condition.
  • Value of car: Yet another important thing you need to get cleared is what the company considers when valuing your car. The car removal company may have a number of factors that they consider. You should cross off that car removal company which tells you they value it only on the basis of weight. Second hand car dealers do that, and not reputable car wreckers. Don’t sell it to them unless they have a rock solid way of determining the vehicle value.
  • Unregistered selling: Not all companies accept unregistered cars. So, you should ask it well before if you can sell a car that’s not registered. You should undoubtedly look for a company that buys both registered as well as unregistered cars.
  • Instant cash: And finally, you should only choose a company if it has an instant cash payment policy. The moment they arrive at your doorstep, all ready to tow away your car, they should be paying you the full amount in cash in hand. Don’t go for a company that follows a part payment or an in-cheque payment policy.

So, these were the five crucial questions that you need answers to, before finalizing on the car removal service you wish to hire. Make sure that each of the answers is genuine and satisfactory, so that there’s hardly any chance of committing a mistake. Take the help of this valuable questionnaire and bid goodbye to your old car without a worry.

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