5 Leading Industries That Uses Oil As A Core Product

5 Leading Industries That Uses Oil As A Core Product
April 23, 2019 Craig Evans
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Industries that use the oil can convert crude oil or petroleum into a number of different products that are meant for sale. Each person who is trying to make consumer products should consider how oil plays into that. You must make sure that you have taken lessons from other industries, and you could create products just as these industries do. You could use oil the way that you see below, or you might get an innovative idea from these industries.

1. Plastics

Petroleum is used to make a mould that could be turned into a number of different plastics. Plastics come in the firm and flexible styles. Plus, plastics can be made in any colour because petroleum is refined to make it clear.

2. Rubber Compounds

You are likely aware of the fact that rubber actually comes from a rubber tree that is refined and manufactured to make rubber products. However, pure rubber is uncommon. Most rubber products are made from some sort of compound that includes plastics. You should look at how you can mix plastics with rubbers to get the results you want, and you could set up a part of the factory to make nothing but the plastic that will mix with your traditional rubber products.

3. Gasoline

The gasoline industry does a lot more than you think it does. Gasoline is made from crude oil, but there are many types of gasoline to choose from. There are companies making gasoline for cars, motorcycles, boats, race cars, and even jets. Every type of fuel has to be refined in a certain way, and you can create different levels of gasoline depending on how the oil is refined. You might want to refine fuel on your own, and there are local companies that do this every day. Consider what your options are when you know that refining oil could help fill a gap in the market in your community.

4. Inks

Oil can be used to make inks that have a lot of staying power. This means that you could refine oil and make it into any kind of dye that you want. Someone who is planning on working with colours might need the oil that will help them achieve a certain colour range, or they might want to get an oil that will give them the tar colour they are looking for. This is a little known part of the art world, and it could be something that shifts how you manage your own operations.

5. Manufacturing

Manufacturing is mentioned above, but this category has to do with all the machines that run a factory. You need oil to lubricate every machine in every factory. Plus, you need oil to keep the machine going when it requires a special hydraulics system. Both of these things work together to make your system more efficient, safer, and easier to manage. When your company is buying oil for the machines, you are using a crude oil that has been refined just enough for use with these devices. You can click here for information about what kind of lubricants can be used for machines to keep them working smooth and efficiently.


The crude oil that is refined around the world is put to use in a variety of different places. You could get oil that is priced well for your purposes, or you could buy oil products that were made specifically for your company. There are many people who would like to purchase oil for their company because they want to refine that oil, to save money, and to create the best products for the public. You can make everything from jet fuel to plastic when using the right process.

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