5 Gadgets That Increase Business Productivity

5 Gadgets That Increase Business Productivity
August 17, 2014 Jessica Oaks

When employees clock in for the day it’s hard to maintain the same level of productivity by the time they clock out. Companies should do their best to provide employees with helpful tools, after all, maximizing productivity translates to good business practice. The following five gadgets significantly improve daily workflow, ensuring optimal success between colleagues and clients. If you don’t already have these in your company, here is some back-up ammo to convince HR to invest in some new office supplies.

1. Cloud Services

Ever been stuck in a death-trap where a file is sent to multiple client contacts for review and what comes back is a plethora of scattered revisions and all you want to do is curl up in a ball under your desk hoping it’s just nightmare? A popular cloud service like Google Docs is a free document-sharing platform that offers accessibility from wherever there’s Internet. Work as a team to view and edit files including complex Excel sheets, Word docs and PowerPoint. Changes are saved in real-time and most importantly, version control is implemented.

2. Smart Devices

Smart devices are making their way from fancy personal gadgets to office staples. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTEis ideal for a business environment and proving to be the next big thing after the age-old company laptop. It’s convenient, light and best of all its ability to run multiple screens/apps simultaneously is perfect for note-taking and video-conferencing scenarios.

Notably, Samsung’s smart device comes equipped with a signature Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a powerhouse that runs superior graphics, smooth operations, fast connectivity to download and upload large files, and is engineered to increased battery life and speedier recharging. Furthermore, you can wirelessly connect the super sharp tablet visuals to a pocket-sized, battery-operated, portable smart projector such as the ODIN, which displays content ranging from shared documents and pitch decks to employee training videos.

3. The Secondary Monitor

Connecting your laptop to a secondary monitor helps organize documents and optimize thought process by compartmentalizing different tasks. For instance, you can generate a presentation on one screen while referencing a website on another screen without cramping your thinking. To add, a dual-monitor setup is particularly useful for graphic designers who benefit from utilizing a larger display to piece together pixels in the highest resolution.

4. File Storage

Storing and filing bills, invoices and receipts is a necessary evil when running a sound business. NeatConnect is a wireless device that scans documents of all shapes then extracts and records information into a NeatCloud. Documents on the cloud component of the innovative product can be shared with others and accessed via Internet. So instead of transcribing every single number into a dreaded expense report, use your time more wisely.

5. Mobile Hotspot

Travelling on the job has its peaks and valleys. You may get to explore the world and eat luxurious meals on the company dime, but when you don’t have Internet connection it could be detrimental to business productivity. Why be restrained and hindered by Internet availability? Take control using a mobile hotpot, which provides Wi-Fi anywhere and everywhere you go.

With these devices on the market, the solution to productivity bottlenecks has arrived. Get on board and set up shop by integrating these gadgets into your job to help you do work, and do work well.

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