5 Essential CRM Features That Businesses Should Adopt

5 Essential CRM Features That Businesses Should Adopt
October 19, 2015 Ozair Akhtar

Whether the business is big or small, most companies are quickly adopting the use of CRM solutions for better management of data and work. While the big businesses can afford to spend tons of money for smooth client and customer interaction, small business often lagged behind due to the sheer lack of adequate funds. With the introduction of Customer Relationship Management and its various models, small businesses can get as interactive with their customers as their bigger counterparts. CRM automatically synchronizes various aspects of a business operation such as marketing, sales and customer service for better functioning. Listed below are some essential CRM features that are a must have for every success-driven company.

CRM Features for Business

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation is one of the major advantages of adopting the use of CRM. Sales Force Automation is an essential part of every modern CRM system. It’s not only accumulate and organize your sales data in a single place, but also automates several aspects of the sales process such as inventory monitoring, order processing, and management of contacts, order tracking and customer service. The automation of these important operations also lowers the employee’s work load while creating a healthy workplace environment.

Cloud Integration

Even if your business is a startup, the amount of data you handle can be voluminous and simply saving it on a computer hard drive isn’t a smart move on your part. The best way to keep your data available from multiple locations with various users is through cloud integration. While large businesses have their own dedicated IT departments to manage and protect their data, small businesses can adopt the use of various cloud servers such as Google drive and DropBox etc. Cloud integration would not only allow your employees to manage their data in a central location but will also make it available on various devices and mobile platforms.

Social Media Connection

With more than 2 billion active users worldwide, most business owners know the immense potential social media interaction has for them. Social media is the perfect place for businesses to get in touch with various customers and clients and also receive feedback for their services. You can also use good social media CRM software to know if there are any negative reviews about your product on social media sites such as Twitter or facebook. Social media interaction also helps you add personality to your brand name as your updates and tweets will have a major cultural impact on your customers.

‘On-the-Go’ Work Model

Long gone are the days when employees were supposed to show up in the office premises for their jobs. With the integration of cloud software and adoption of mobile technology (smartphones and tablets), employees are able to do their daily job related tasks from various locations. All you need to access your company data and details is an internet connection allowing you to work from anywhere. This has not only solved a lot of problems related to the daily commute but has also provided a more flexible and relaxed office environment.

As we live through the digital age, more and more companies are automatizing their various business processes for better efficiency. Using the above features for your business will certainly help you create a highly efficient workplace environment and snag free communication between the management, employees and the customers.

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