5 Distinctive Promotional Products for Your Small Business

5 Distinctive Promotional Products for Your Small Business
July 5, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
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There are so many ways to advertise these days. One of the ways that is still effective today is to put your company logo on different products. Every time someone uses or wears these products, they will think about your company. Here are some of the best products to use to promote your company.


Most of us use pens regularly. We always seem to have ten right next to us until we need one. Be there when needed by making pens with your company’s logo on them. Consider distributing them to storefronts. When a customer accidently takes one home, they’ll be taking a reminder of your business home with them. When they loan the pen to someone else, it will be free advertisement to that person.

Coffee mugs

Most of us simply can’t be bothered in the morning until we have our morning coffee. Get your business into the kitchen of customers by offering cozy coffee mugs. For bonus points, create a funny or silly coffee mug that people will even want to give as gifts.


An easy way to promote your business is to create signs with your logo and company name on them. You can do this with promotional displays in your store and signs on your wall. You can also put a bright sign on the outside of your store to really get the attention of people walking by. Get everything you need from a plastic moulding manufacture.


Every New Year, households all around the world put up a new calendar. Have people think of your company every day by making promotional calendars. Use exciting or funny images to make people them more enjoyable and to increase the likelihood of people keeping them up all year long.


It always seems that we have more things in our hands than we can carry. Help people out by offering a company bag. Make it big enough to carry some of your most popular items. Functionality is important, and people will thank you when you help them get everything they need from point A to point B with your stylish (yet promotional) bag. Consider promoting the bag as a reusable grocery bag as well, to show your contribution towards taking care of the earth.

You should promote your company in every way possible. Wear and use products with your company’s name on them to continue to promote at all times, no matter what you’re doing. If you can get other people to use your promotional products, too, that’s even more advertising for you.

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