5 Benefits of Using Promotional Items

5 Benefits of Using Promotional Items
February 1, 2016 Lilly J Adams


In a sense, today’s elaborate marketing campaigns are very reminiscent of the old imperial armies. They are shiny, take forever to deploy, and they conquer the battlefield in a series of well-planned maneuvers. Still, no matter how impressive huge armies are, history proved that these behemoths are very vulnerable to saboteurs, units which can infiltrate the masses, and once there, completely turn the tides of war. In the case of marketing, those saboteurs are promotional items. And truly, although their immediate actions usually go unnoticed, the effects of those actions are everything except that. Let us see than, how exactly they can benefit your business.

Increasing Brand Recognition

The success of any business,regardless of its scale,is to reach the point when people are able to recall its name and have a positive association once they hear it. Although very efficient, if not accompanied by products which will keep audience’s attention even when the dust settles, marketing campaigns are capable of providing only the short-term results. Promotional products are a perfect way to fill that void. According to recent studies, 76% of people who received them are capable of recalling the name of the advertiser, while 50% of them said their impression of the advertiser has improved as a result.

Great Alternative to Business Cards

No matter how technology may have changed, business cards are one of the most effective ways to present yourself to potential customers, and let them know everything they need on-the-go. Promotional products will do the same job, but they will provide your customers some additional functionality and information, which makes them even more appealing. So, if you are, for example, running an IT business, you can accompany your business cards with a custom USB which will show your customers a short presentation of your portfolio before it can be used as a storage device.

Good Outreach for the Money Invested

Although they are doing their best to hide that, most of the businesses have very limited marketing budgets where every coin saved is a coin earned. Promotional products play perfectly in this scenario, and their low price tag and long lasting impact create more than satisfying ROI. It should also be mentioned that, due to their nature, promotional products tend to change a lot of hands during their lifetime, which, essentially, grants you free distribution and additional exposure for the same price.


We already mentioned that promotional products are able to create a more lasting impression on the audience than some intangible marketing massages, and if you wondered why that is so, the simple answer would be – Tangibility. Tangible products are giving your customers concrete objects they can hold in their hands, a sort of gateways through which your brand is capable of entering their lives and therefore, their minds. Their functionality makes your customers willingly invite you in their homes again and again. If not extremely well devised, intangible marketing assets are nowhere as near as capable of creating the same effect.

Expanding Your Target Audience

Elaborate marketing campaigns are usually targeted at a very specific audience, so no matter how inclusive those targeted groups are, message you are sending still has a very limited reach and appeal. Promotional products are useful, and therefore appealing to everyone. Who does not like getting a free pen, planner, USB, umbrella, or even a bag? Because these items are easy to carry, people like to use them in the public, which, in turn, makes them brand evangelists.
Those were top five reasons why in this day and age, when marketing wars are usually waged in the virtual environment, using promotional products still makes sense. Sure, they are not as attention-grabbing as some other ways of reaching out to audience, but beware the underdogs – they might just be what you need to win the war.

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  3. Rosie Beckett 8 months ago

    It makes a lot of sense that giving promotion products to customers is a great way to increase your brand recognition among potential customers. If a company gave me a useful tool like a USB drive or water bottle that had their logo on it, I would definitely use it and my friends and family would end up seeing the logo as well. Also, it makes sense that promotional products are not only a gift to customers but also are a cost-effective marketing tool because they act as a business card for your company.

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