4 Ways to Prepare Your Office Building for a Natural Disaster

4 Ways to Prepare Your Office Building for a Natural Disaster
March 9, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
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If you own or manage an office building, you know how absolutely imperative it is that you make it safe for its occupants at all times. One of the considerations you’ll make as a property owner is preparing for natural disasters. The rare occurrences may not be in the realm of possibility for your region of the country but because of the volatile nature of the disaster, it could come as a surprise when you least expect. That is, of course, if you haven’t explored the possibility of taking precautionary measures in advance. The following four ways will prepare your office building for a natural disaster.

Come up with an Emergency Plan and Exit Strategy

Prepare the occupants of your office building by holding regular safety meetings and explaining your company’s emergency plan and exit strategy. That way, everyone is on the same page and doesn’t take any unnecessary risks as a result of not knowing what you want them to do. They’ll take action according to your company wide emergency plan and exit strategy.

Make Sure Fire Alarms and Extinguishers Work

Test them on a regular basis. Make sure that everything is in excellent working order and keeping written records of service dates. Work with the local fire department to ensure the office building is compliant by having them point out ways to make your property safer for everyone who enters it.

Keep First Aid Kits on Every Floor

A well-stocked first aid kit identifies potential needs and addresses them. Make sure that you have medical supplies, extra water, and protective gear such as face masks available for your employees to access. There should be at least one large first aid kit on every floor of the building.

Invest in Waterproof Ceiling Tile

This type of ceiling tile enhances the appearance of a building by looking the part of a professional space. The benefits of having waterproof ceiling tiles are numerous. Not only are they mildew-proof, rust-proof, and chip-proof, they also carry a Class A fire rating making them hold up under flame and smoke.

Prepare your office building for the unthinkable. A natural disaster can significantly derail your plans and compromise the safety and health of the people inside the building. By taking action and preparing for the worst, you’re able to avoid many of the heartbreaking stories that occur following floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires because you were caught off-guard and ill-prepared for their aftermath.

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