4 Ways to Keep up with Industry Trends as a Business Owner

4 Ways to Keep up with Industry Trends as a Business Owner
July 4, 2019 Lizzie Weakley
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The great thing about doing business in the social media age is that you don’t have to look far and wide for industry-related news. Instead of wasting precious time that you already lack in order to source industry-related news, you can easily set your social media feeds so that industry news finds you.

Transform Social Feeds into an Industry-news Magnet

Start by plugging in search terms in the search box section of your social media platform of choice. If you’re looking for specified or niche information, then plug in a search for hashtagged terms, especially if you’re using Twitter or Instagram. Best of all, you can save posts and links referring to the information. Most social platforms have a bookmark feature, and there are external apps that you can use that collects all of your bookmarked links in one place.

Search Engines Are Your Friend, Too

Speaking of turning the internet into an information-generating magnet, have you thought about creating a Google alert in order to stay on top of trends in your industry?

It’s simple: Simply come up with an industry term (or multiple industry terms). Then select the email address that you’d like the information sent to—perhaps it’s best for you to create an email account specifically for industry news. Then set your Google alerts so that every time one of your keyword term is activated by something new being published online, Google will send you a link to the published piece of information.

Be sure to subscribe to search engine tools that allow you to find the information on your own. Simply plug in your keyword term and a list of publications and urls will appear. Do a Google search to find SEO apps and tools. While some of these require a subscription charge, some of the tools are free to use.

Keep up with Industry-related Print Media

Now that you’re training yourself to keep up with industry trends by sourcing information, you might as well subscribe to print media sources of information, too.

Again, Google is your friend if you want to start researching trade journals and magazines. While many of these offer print-only sources of media, there are magazines and journals that offer online versions, too. This way, you can consume their information on your phone or your laptop.

Join Industry-related Organizations

Finally, be sure that you’re a member of at least one of the highly-respected organizations in your industry. Becoming a member allows you to network with others who are also growing their business.

For example, if you wanted to learn how to expand your managed print business, then you’d join the Managed Print Services Association. There’s plenty of national and regional organizations that you could join and learn from.

Stay ahead of the game and continue learning. Never assume you know everything about your industry and use the above four tips.

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