4 Ways Technology is Innovating Office Operations

4 Ways Technology is Innovating Office Operations
May 2, 2019 Meghan Belnap
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It is truly amazing how modern tech has changed the business landscape. The way employees and employers relate and function in the office has been truly revolutionized by the computers, electronic gadgets, apps, and digital content that they have at their fingertips. Here are four areas where tech has significantly helped to innovate operations around the office.

The Advent of CRM Programs

Not too long ago, if you wanted to keep up with a client or a customer, employees would have to comb through emails and call logs to try and find relevant details. Today, companies have elaborate customer relationship management (CRM) software which helps to collate data from all departments on the customer or client of interest. This means everyone dealing with that individual will be on the same page and working towards the same outcome. This is especially important when customers call in to check on the status of their case. Within moments, employees are able to bring themselves up to speed and pick up where the other representatives left off.

Using Virtual Assistants

Simple and repetitive tasks can take up a great deal of time for the average employee. Little things that take little skill or training such as answering basic questions on the phone or email, requiring a human hand but aren’t quite worth your employee’s time, can be a burden on their workload. Modern outsourcing technology now allows for most of those tasks to be taken care of by virtual assistants. Virtual assistants utilize mobile and online technologies to interact with the other employees from the comfort of their own home. Third party companies cultivate business solutions like this as part of a growing trend to create the very best online services, increasing the speed and efficiency of daily operations.

Video Conferencing

Travel used to consume the monthly operations of company management as meetings and conferences had to be conducted in person. Modern innovations, however, now allow meetings to be conducted through video conferencing software, including virtual whiteboards for collaborative work. With this, the necessity for business travel has been greatly reduced, saving in company costs as well as aiding overall company efficiency. Even in situations where face-to-face communication isn’t necessary, conference calls can be conducted entirely over the phone when convenient, allowing management to convene and discuss major topics at a moment’s notice with little preparation needed.

Cloud Storage and Collaboration 

Storing information in-house can be convenient in some ways, but putting everything into a single location can create serious problems if anything happens to the main server. Instead, it is becoming increasingly popular for businesses to take advantage of online cloud storage to reduce liability and create reliable backups for essential data. This also allows for employees to immediately share relevant documents and data without having to be on-site. It also gives greater freedom to employees who work outside of the office for conferences, sales presentations, or even tech work to have access to important information as needed.

Technology is the driving force behind the modern business. If you are not leveraging the latest technology to better enhance your company’s ability to progress in areas like marketing, production, sales and customer service, then you may be falling behind your competition. As with many areas of business, it is important to know which technologies will have the most favorable impact on the way your company operates in order to get best results from the technology you use around the office.

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