4 Great Ways To Create an Emotional Response With Your Customers

4 Great Ways To Create an Emotional Response With Your Customers
January 15, 2014 Karleia Steiner
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Customers like to know that they’re more than just a number to your business. That’s why when you connect with your audience on an emotional level, they’re more likely to use your services and refer their friends. 

Here are four ways to connect with your customers so they’ll keep coming back!

1. Tell A Story About Your Business

Every company has a story. Whether you’re a small-business owner in your city or a CEO in your hometown, everyone started somewhere. Tell a story about how your business came to be. What kinds of struggles did you overcome? What did you dream your business would do for your community? Your customers would love to hear the backstory behind your mission. 

2. Show How You Helped Someone

Take a moment to go through your testimonials and customer feedback. What kinds of problems did you help your clients solve? How did you make their lives easier? Although it’s great to say how your business will improve your client’s situations, prospective customers enjoy hearing from a past customer’s experience.

3. Send Something Special Their Way

Plenty of people are sick and tired of receiving junk mail and bills in their mailbox. Spam is a problem that many of us have when it comes to our email inbox as well. This year, why not send something special to your clients just because you’re grateful to have them? Whether you’re looking to send traditional postcards for dental offices or electronic cards for hair salons, your customers will love receiving a little note from your business that doesn’t have a bill attached! Spend some time creating your post card – you want to be sure to select a postcard design that works.

4. Give To A Good Cause

More and more customers are looking to make a difference with their wallet. People are putting more thought in their buying decisions as consumers and community members. Partner up with a local nonprofit or charity and show your prospects that their investment in your company matters. They’ll be more likely to work with you when they know that their proceeds are helping others. 

Your customers deserve to know that you see them as a human, not simply as a source of revenue. Let them know how much it means for you to have them as a client. You’ll be rewarded more than you can imagine. Visit marketingpower.com for more ways to propel your business forward.

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