4 Basic Reasons to Choose Metal Structure Over Concrete Structure

4 Basic Reasons to Choose Metal Structure Over Concrete Structure
December 1, 2016 Ozair Akhtar
4 Basic Reasons to Choose Metal Structure Over Concrete Structure

Anytime you casually walk down a street, or take a drive in your car; even if you travel the world, you will also come across impressive buildings. It’s really something we don’t give a second thought to.

I mean, it’s a building, what else are we supposed to think when we see one?

Now a days, buildings are designed and made one of two ways. They’re either made using concrete, or they are made from a type of metal like steel. Both serve the purpose but both come with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. When it comes down to it, it’s a lot more beneficial to choose a steel structure over a concrete structure.

Metal Structure Over Concrete Structure

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  • Design Options

Some of the most iconic structures from all over the world are in fact, made from steel. Not Cement. These architectural beauties draw the eyes of people all over the world. London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Sydney, Tokyo, the list goes on.

Think about the number of tourists, including yourself if you’ve traveled. Tourists travel thousands of miles to gaze at these remarkable sights. From skyscrapers, churches, bridges, towers, and even monuments.

Steel is such an appealing structure because it gives tremendous flexibilityfor architects to address their design requirements in order to fulfill their vision. It’s much easier to work with in terms of construction.

Not to mention, steel structures are more beneficial in terms of energy savings. It allows whoever owns the building to save about 65% in total energy costs, compared to cement structures.

Steel buildings also allow for a much larger space design. Allowing the indoor space to incorporate better segmentation. It’s also can meet each individual user’s needs. Not to mention, it will crack down on the amount of cross section area of the columns by up to 6%.

  • Speed of Build

The world that we live in is incredibly fast paced. Think about it, we’ve essentially eliminated the time it takes to send mail. We’ve eliminated not being able to reach a person any minute of the day. We’ve also just about eliminated to purpose of libraries with the development of internet search engines. Speed is what our society deems to be the gold standard. Nobody wants to wait for anything. So, when it comes to buildings why should you have to wait longer than you have too?

With metal structures like steel, you won’t have too. Imagine being able to cut construction time down by 50%-75%. That means you could choose steel and knock off months, maybe even years off construction time.

There is also the added luxury of using off-site zones to prepare the structure. This also plays a huge role in cutting production time down. You’re able to build portions of the building in advance and simply bring them over to the site when you are ready for them. They can be installed almost immediately since you’ll already be prepared for it.

Another benefit steel has on speed of erection is minimizing the time required to construct foundations. Since steel has an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio, it allows for smaller foundations. Smaller is quicker.

Steel building are also a lot more lightweight than cement structures. With energy-saving composite, and; sound, fire, and water proof insulation, it’s adds up to a lighter weight. Eliminating the heavy clay bricks and other mason work.

Metal Structure vs Concrete Structure

  • Cheaper

Since steel structures have a less construction period compared to cement, they are ultimately cheaper. Remember, you’re paying for the time it takes to erect a building. Working with a slower material mean a longer construction time, that translates to higher costs. Nobody wants that.

This is great news for clients! This lowers the return time of your investment and keeps you from overspending.

How good does that sound?

Over the past years, the price on steel has drastically lowered. Coupling that with the productivity advantages of the steel industry, allows both seller and buyer the added benefit of sharing in savings. It’s really a win-win for everyone. These are the reason why people choose steel, people like BuckSteel.com, always providing companies with strong, durable, cheap steel.

When you compared reinforced concrete to that of a prefabricated steel structures, you’re able to cut down on the cost of construction by about 3%.

  • Strength

There’s a reason steel is used for so much in the world. It’s incredible strength. No wonder it’s one of more durable and sustainable materials in the world.

Given that it is even 100% recyclable, its amazing steel doesn’t lose its structural quality over time. When these buildings go up, they are design to stay up. For a very long time.

Steel is also a benefit to the environment. You don’t have to worry about dust, or types of leakage, or even waste product. Steels integrity stays solid, you can’t say that for a lot of other construction materials like cement. You will have eliminated to need to use machines and other kinds of equipment to fix any of those problems then.

Comparison Metal Structure vs Concrete Structure

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In summation, steel is always a much better option. Steel structures are known for their beauty all over the world, where people travel just to see them. They also assist in better flexibility to follow an architects vision.

Steel structures also help lower construction time by over 50%. Effectively knocking off months, maybe even years off the total construction period. The benefit of using off-site zones helps decrease prep time and build time.

Don’t forget how much cheaper steel is than cement. Thanks to years of low pricing, steel help both buyer and seller enjoy savings. There is no more over spending and the return on your investment comes much faster back to you.

Lastly, you can thank the power of steel. With it, you can sleep easy know because of its high weight to strength ration, and its durability, your building will be standing for decades. Best part is, there no danger to the environment. In times of increase caution, steel doesn’t emit or degrade into the environment.

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