2015: Business Tools for Increased Productivity

2015: Business Tools for Increased Productivity
January 15, 2015 Romeo

Are you one of those people who feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you are dealing with? Have you missed an important deadline or have forgotten to do an important task because you were engrossed in some other activity?These are clear symptoms of lacking organizational and proper time management skills which in turn is hampering growth and productivity. If you want to prioritize your task, you need proper business tools that will help you to become organized and cut back time while doing important work.


3 Must Have Tools for Business for Enhanced Productivity

If you are someone who owns a business and looking forward to expand and become productive in the same time, then mentioned below are some of the tools that are worth using for. It save time, makes you more productive and helps the business to grow and prosper.

  • Autosend: It is a very time taking work to reach out to every person who comes to your website. But now this task can be lot easier with a tool named Autosend. It automatically sends targeted emails as well as text messages to every visitor or customer concerned based on the stats they do on your website. With this application, you can easily send a personalized message to anyone who joins your site and it will help you save a lot of time in targeting the exact clients.
  • Canva: Everyone is not equipped with the knowledge of Photoshop and this is the reason why most of the people fail when it comes to editing or creating pictures for graphical marketing. But now you can easily create highly intuitive graphical images with Canva and this tool can help you create any type of image either for your presentations or social media campaigns. And the best thing is that everything is free and the tool does not cost you a single dime. There are large number of templates available and one can save everything online with complete access to stock images as well.
  • LockedOn: If you are someone who is into real estate business, then it is a very useful tool that manages time and is productive too. It has a rich interface that can be used for building one’s business pipeline with innovative customer relationship marketing. This tool can get you more listings and you will be able to make more sales. Since the software is available with cloud service, you are free to use it from anywhere – home, office or car. Since it sends customized email to all customers, you will get to know which customer opens the mail message and it will help you in targeting the exact person for better sales turnaround.


With rapid change in today’s business environment, time management has indeed become a burning issue in the recent times. There is an unprecedented challenge in the domestic and global world from new technologies, industrial restructuring and global competition. So in the light of above, it is very important to increase one’s personal productivity and improve time management skills so as to equip oneself with adequate knowledge. They must be aware of the tools that can help them reshape their organization and present work culture and it will surely go a long way in managing the complex changes. Also it will help in achieving and retaining the competitive advantage in the long run.

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